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As human beings, we are all complex. There is always someone out there searching for more clues as to why we do the things we do and why our personalities are the way that they are.

People have researched, well, everything from the shapes of our heads to our hand sizes. Diving into the realm of researching the human personality is quite an interesting thing to get into. For instance, when you see the image below, would you consider this to be a circle?

Like, if you were forced to choose between whether it was a circle or not what would your answer be? This is a question that has a lot of people stumped and is causing lots of questions. An image similar to this was used in a study not too long ago in the same way and it was found that those who were willing to call it a circle was more politically open as opposed to those who were not willing to do so. It has even been found that different shapes bring about different emotions depending on the person.

Luckily though when it comes to things like this there is no wrong answer. The author of the study I mentioned above says that this could be a matter of some sort of negative bias. That relating back to our political views being based on deep-seated psychological bias in relation to how we see the world. Regardless though I would love to know your answers, is this a circle or not?