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As we all move through each day during this pandemic some of us have to venture out into the world to get groceries. When we do things like this it brings up a lot of questions about sanitation and keeping potential COVID-19 germs out of our homes.

While many say you should spray down your foods before bringing them in others suggest leaving what you can in the garage for three days (aside from the things that may spoil) others don’t think that’s worth the hassle. According to ABC 7, A professor in New Jersey by the name of Don Schaffner says it is not necessary to sanitize everything. While we should be washing our hands and sanitizing ourselves, Schaffner doesn’t think doing it to food is going to make a difference.

Schaffner according to ABC 7 said as follows on the topic:

“As far as we know, the virus is not transmitted by food,”

“It’s not necessary to sanitize everything.”

“I’m not really worried about baked goods being contaminated. I’m much more worried about the person standing next to me sneezing or coughing.”

Now, regarding fresh fruits and veggies that could have potentially been touched by other people at the market, he suggests merely rinsing them with cold water and not touching them with soap as others seem to be suggesting. He says soap isn’t a good idea because it’s just not designed for food. That having been said, if you think leaving your nonperishables in the car overnight or taking cereal out of the box before bringing it inside is helping, go for it.

What do you think about all of this? With so many doctors online sharing tips on how to clean groceries I am not sure who to believe. I guess at the end of the day I still feel better at least cleaning them a bit before bringing them inside. How do you handle your groceries and do you think they could be carrying dangerous germs?