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Love and infatuation are two things many people seem to confuse for one another. Sure, they can feel similar but they are nowhere near the same thing.

Love is so much more than infatuation ever will be. Infatuation is more-so physical where-as love is something you feel on a deeper even sometimes spiritual level. Both types of “love” are intense and can leave you with an overwhelming feeling of wanting more, but I assure you, they are nowhere near the same thing.

You can have one without the other which is something I believe a lot of people do not realize. Below I am going to go over some of the biggest differences between the two/what sets them apart. If you have been struggling to figure out what you’re face to face with, this should help.

15 Ways To Tell Whether You’re In Love Or Just Infatuated:

1. Love is more considerate of our emotions.

Infatuation doesn’t care how you feel or what your emotions might be in general. It is all about the other person and their gratitude. It doesn’t have anything to do with your own wellbeing but love does.

2. Infatuation is all about the ‘now.’

Love is something that can be carried on into the future but infatuation is something that will never last. Infatuation must be sorted out in the moment or it will be lost, but love is all about building a life with someone and having a FUTURE together. If your relationship is all about the now this could be a huge warning sign that you need to back off.

3. Love is far more confident.

Being in a relationship that is all about infatuation makes for a very insecure situation. It is flaky and breakable and truth be told, it is going to end in an instant. Love is not like this at all; love is held in a more confident and secure manner.

4. Infatuation holds unrealistic expectations.

Infatuation is mostly lust and it often leaves the other party feeling broken and insecure. One person is always in the distance hoping for more than the other person is willing to offer. You find yourself sitting and wondering if anything will ever come of this relationship.

While it is possible for true, real love to have unrealistic expectations it is uncommon. Love is all about accepting a person for who they really are and appreciating the things they have to offer on that level. With love you should never be in a position to want to force your partner to be anything more than what they are, and if you find yourself there it is more than likely infatuation.

5. Love does not leave you exhausted.

Infatuation is exhausting and can drain you of every ounce of energy in your body. It will take far more out of you than you could ever imagine. While for some love might feel exhausting, it should come easy and not forced.

6. Infatuation fades much quicker than you’d think.

Love doesn’t fade like infatuation does. Love is eternal and sticks with you no matter where you are in life. You just can’t forget the kind of feelings that love brings forth, especially when it is with the right person.

7. Love is deep.

Infatuation doesn’t run anywhere near as deep as love does. Infatuation is more-so a physical ordeal and love is everything and so much more. Love is untouchable.

8. Infatuation is more about the idea of someone than the actual person.

Love is a connection on a soul level that infatuation could lever touch. Infatuation is more about the idea of being with someone than actually being with them. It is falling for what you think someone is like rather than taking the time to see what they are like in general.

9. Love is far more forgiving.

Infatuation can be very unforgiving and often ends in heartbreak. It can be cold and quite isolating depending on how things play out. When you are with someone that you love who loves you back, mistakes are overlooked and ‘sorry’ is more than enough.

10. Infatuation is not equal.

Love is all about give and take if it is less than that it is not love. Both parts of the relationship have to be getting what they need in order for love to survive. No one should ever feel like they are being left behind or taken advantage of. Infatuation on the other hand, leaves one party always wanting more while the other reaps the benefits.

11. Love helps us be better versions of ourselves.

Infatuation doesn’t do much for us at all. When it comes to love we become more of ourselves than we were to begin with through exploration; infatuation is just not capable of this.

12. Infatuation is appearance-based.

Love is not appearance-based in the way infatuation is. Love might have something to do with a person’s looks but it is more-so oriented around who they are on the inside. They are cared for because of the person they are on a soul level.

13. Love is always willing to lend a hand.

Infatuation is very selfish and does not often offer a helping hand. It tends to be quite one-sided and leaves the person infatuated wanting more. There isn’t a shoulder to cry on when it comes to something like this.

14. Infatuation has nothing to do with growth.

Love is all about growing as a person and with the person you care for. It is always about moving forward and becoming a better version of yourself. Infatuation isn’t like that at all.

15. Love is a partnership in many ways.

Infatuation is more one sides than most people realize. It is not a partnership like love is or would be. It is just you and your obsession waiting to see where things go.

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