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With November right around the corner, it only makes sense to check into what the zodiac has to say regarding how the month will play out for each of us. While things might seem to be dying down energetically, this is only the beginning.

November is going to begin with us all being more willing to forgive and open to change. There will be a new moon on the 7th and it will set the mood for us all to move forward towards our dreams. You will be much more optimistic during the course of this month and it will get you a lot further than you might think.

Venus will be stationing direct on the 16th of November and is just the beginning of energies really building up as Mercury will also be retrograding during this month. It will be moving backward properly on the same day as Venus is coming out which could cause some conflict.

Now both of these things will be bringing us to dwell on the past. Mercury retrograde is never easy to face. Mercury will be in this motion until December 6th so get comfy. During times like this slowing down is crucial. Luckily it marks the last retrograde of the season and once it is over we will have a short period of time without any planets in backward motion until it is officially 2019.

November ends with a full moon and reminds us all to be brave and strong. This is the best end to such a month but might be making you a bit more ready to lose your temper. This full moon will occur on the 23rd and bring forth a sense of peace we have all been needing.

While this month might not sound like much it is going to set the mood for a fabulous December once all is said and done. To learn more about what you might have to look forward to in November. What do you think about these things?

(Image Via: Pixabay)