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We all look forward to March and the beginning of the end of winter, but this March is going to be one of the most interesting we have had in quite some time. While normally we see this period as a time of renewal, it will be more of a push in a new direction this go around.

As we move out of February and begin to see the inner workings of the March that is to come we can expect lots of changes. The month of March comes with the number three and because of that, we are offered energies that come with both trouble and responsibility. We will all be noticing life becoming more and more shook up as the days pass and some of the challenges before us will not be easy to overcome.

In numerology when it comes to the number three we associate it with happiness and many who see it often are known for seeing the good in all situations. This number holds the key to both creativity and self-expression. While many will refuse to acknowledge the things headed their way, those who embrace the power of three will be seeing great results once everything before them comes to a head.

March is not yet here but I can assure you that the energies you’re feeling right now are stemming from all that is headed your way. On the 5th of March Mercury will be going retrograde and from there the month in itself is full of ups and downs. Communications on all levels will become strained and getting your point across will be much harder than it has ever been. During this time you should not allow yourself to become alarmed as things from your past make their way to the forefront, Mercury works in mysterious ways. A new moon will really help us kick things off on the 6th and from there you should expect the unexpected.

In regards to the new moon on March 6th Dark Astrology wrote as follows:

The new moon March 6, 2019, falls at 15º Pisces decan 2. It is aligned with fixed stars Ankaa in the constellation of the Phoenix and Achernar in the constellation of Eridanus the river. This new moon triggers the Saturn sextile Neptune aspect of 2019 and forms a conjunction with Neptune. The tarot card for this new moon February 2019 is the 9 of cups which is the ‘wish card’. I have chosen the blue impression Jasper as the healing crystal for this Pisces new moon.

Pisces decan 2 is a Jupiter ruled decan and the most liquid area of Pisces, which means it also risks being the most toxic. This new Moon then will be supremely absorbent of its environment, so can work positively or negatively. The most criminal and slimy of individuals could turn this great power into something quite nefarious. With Pisces decan 2 the evolutionary state of the soul is paramount, this new moon will absorb toxins just as well as it can absorb love and bliss. Whatever the choice, it will just suck the juice out of it, so it better be good juice!

There will be lots of things going on in the world of the celestial bodies during the course of March but keeping your head held high and your emotions in control are very important. Sure, everything is going to feel as if it is moving at ‘a mile a minute’ but the more properly you face things the easier they will be to move through in the end. Uranus will be shifting signs mid-month and with that, a new cycle will begin.

Any and all astrological readings you get for this month will be all over the place and with good reason. Nothing is going to play out how you want it to and the more you try to fight what could be the worse you are going to make it on yourself. If you are a Gemini or an Aquarius near the middle of this month you may become quite frustrated for a number of reasons. It is very important that during this time you do not overdo things. You can work hard and still have time for yourself, find the balance you need.

The end of the month is going to bring forth a lot of enthusiasm for us all and set the mood for a wonderful April. You will be reaching lots of goals and really stepping out of your comfort zone more than you could ever imagine. Do not let anything hold you back and really allow abundance to present itself. Sure, life can be complicated but once all this mayhem is over you’re going to be headed somewhere truly amazing. To learn more about what you can expect based on your sign please feel free to check out the video below.

(Image Via: Pixabay)