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The past few months have been very intense as far as cosmic events go. The things going on in the cosmic world have really put an impact on us all, and now the intensity is finally starting to slow down.

July Brought us two eclipses, one solar and one lunar. This energy did not falter and continued on into August with another solar eclipse. However, the intense energies that you have been feeling are finally dying down as eclipse and retrograde season are coming to an end.

Don’t get me wrong, there will still be planets in retrograde but not as many at once. Things during this time will begin making themselves more clear. You will be cycling into a more positive growth-oriented stage. When things like this happen the universe is trying to bring something back with it as the energies retract.

Think back to the beginning of the year, things were more than likely a mess! Now, look how far you have come. You have let go of so much bitterness and learned how to properly process some of your emotions. You are doing so much better in more ways than you realize. While we tend to look at the things we need to work on, you should also take pride in knowing the path you have already walked.

As these energies die down further you are going to be pushed and pulled into several different directions. Nothing is going to be as it once was and the more you consider your future the better. You see, most of these retrogrades have had us stuck in the past, but now the time to moving forward and learning from our mistakes is upon us.

That sluggish drained feeling you’ve had for months is making its way out of your body. You are facing a huge turning point and everything from here on out will be encouraging you to evolve further. Sure, these energies work differently for everyone, but overall the fresh uplifting energy is going to benefit everyone it crosses.

Think of it like this: all this time it is like you have been stuck in limbo. You have been waiting for this new chapter to come forward. Using your true power from within, you are going to be able to manifest all that you have ever dreamed of.

Inspired by an article written by Forever Conscious