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We all have a sense of intuition locked within even if we don’t often embrace it. Your intuition is what makes you aware of the bad situations before you and makes you aware of things that you otherwise would not be able to pick up on.

When it comes to the definition of ‘intuition’ many think it is merely a feeling that comes over someone but it is not just that at all. The intuition is a very intense thing that can affect us all in different ways. Everyone hears their intuitive side in their own ways. What actually speaks to me might not actually speak to you and that is something you should keep in mind when reading this article.

Taking Charge wrote as follows in regards to intuition and the different kinds that are present:

Regardless of the method your intuition uses, it communicates either directly or indirectly.

Direct intuition is literal. In this case, you know exactly what your intuition is saying. For example, Bill dreams that his grandfather comes to him and says, “Slow your life down, Bill.” This is direct intuition–Bill knows exactly what the message is and probably why.

Indirect intuition is symbolic. In the symbolic version of the same message, Bill dreams he is exercising on a treadmill. He can’t control the machine and it begins to go faster and faster. He tries to change the dials, but no matter what he does, the treadmill keeps going way too fast for him. When Bill wakes up, he has to interpret the dream. This is indirect intuition-Bill’s dream provides a symbolic image (he is on a fast-moving treadmill) that he must interpret (his life is moving too fast) in order to understand the message.

Generally, intuition does not give up on important messages. If Bill doesn’t respond to an indirect intuitive experience, he is likely to have another intuitive experience that may be more direct.

You could see something like deja vu and relate that back to your intuitive mind or you could even hear something that your intuition wants you to be aware of. Sure, it could bring an overwhelming feeling forward but it could also force you to smell or even taste something depending on what your intuition is trying to make known. You might be spoken to while awake or even contacted within the dream realm. The possibilities are seemingly endless when it comes to our higher-self or intuitive mind contacting us.

While explaining your intuition to someone else might be hard, summing it up as a mere feeling is never as accurate as we would want it to be. If you are someone who doesn’t seem to hear from your intuitive side often you’re probably not listening properly.

To learn more about how to strengthen your intuition and build a proper connection with your inner voice please check out the video below. Does your intuition speak to you? I know mine is always speaking to me.