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Introverted people might seem more alone than most but the truth is that they’re not. Most introverts build connections in their own ways and while you might not understand it, it is still present.

Introverted people tend to really prefer animals over people outside of their inner circle. While it is thought that introverts are more likely to be cat people, I as an introvert love both cats and dogs. Well, honestly I love all animals but that’s beside the point. 

I have noticed throughout the years that it seems we as introverts are much more connected with animals than we are with people, within reason. Our pets are our best friends, and they are by our sides while we’re just chilling at home and really provide us with a lot of the attention that we don’t get from other people and don’t really even want from other people. For me and a lot of the other introverted people I know/have known through the years animals are not just animals to us, they are extremely important and we think of them as so much more than your average person would or does. 

They are in many ways connected with us on a soul level, as weird as that may sound. Because we spend so much time with them and are so attached when they pass on it’s devastating to an extreme. I connect with animals much more-so than I do with people. My few human friends are nothing in comparison to the friendships my pets offer me. They love me unconditionally and are always there for me through anything this world throws my way. On my worst days, when no one else is there to hold my hand, I have a shoulder to lean on as weird as that may sound. 

Even as a young kid I was always obsessed with animals. I wanted to have a whole farm to myself for as long as I can remember but of course, I still haven’t quite obtained that. I have throughout the years raised so many different animals and shared so many wonderful moments with the creatures I was fortunate enough to have in my life and for the time I spent with each one I am truly grateful. 

When I was stressed to the max these animals were there to help calm me down and take my mind off of things and when I was excited with no one to share my news with, they always listened. Taking care of them and making sure they were happy also showed me that happiness doesn’t have to come from enormous feats or huge tasks, it can come from some of the smallest things and aligning with that properly has helped me tremendously throughout the years. 

I don’t ever have to worry about whether or not my dog is going to take advantage of my kindness or try to force me to do things I would otherwise never do. These animals gave me something to do all the while allowing me to still be my true introverted self. I think in a lot of ways many animal lovers are also introverts and feel this kind of connection I am describing for many different reasons. 

Sure, I love being alone but that doesn’t mean completely alone. I without a doubt would always choose to spend time with my pets than to be 100 percent on my own. They love sitting on the couch watching TV and having snacks. They don’t mind spending a lot of time with me just doing your average tasks. I don’t have to go through the hassle of telling them I don’t want to go out to the club or explain to them why we’re spending most of our day in bed when I’m really feeling down. 

They just know and they understand me in ways most other people never will. Taking them out for walks and spending time with them gets me out of the house in ways that do not overwhelm me like being around other people would. Sure, this might be a bit odd to those who do not understand but if you’re a pet-loving introvert I am sure you get what I mean.