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We are all capable of interacting with the spirit world. The only problem is that not all of us know how to go about it properly.

While there is no clear set way that works for everyone when it comes to speaking to those who are no longer living. There are some tips and steps that will really help most people. Communicating with spirits doesn’t have to be a scary ordeal, for many, it is quite liberating and healing.

Before even considering it you need to make sure that you are in a positive mindset. Your heart and soul need to be in a good place before you try to tap into anything, not of this world. Below I am going to go over the steps you can take to begin interacting with the spirit world. Please don’t be disappointed if nothing happens your first go around or even your tenth. The spirit world is not going to react if you are not ready.

Trying is only half of the battle; however, if there is something that you need to be made aware of the spirits around you might already be speaking to you without you realizing it. You need to learn how to pick up on the small things.

7 Steps To Help You Speak To Spirits:

Step #1: Find your space, be alone with the spirits.

Find somewhere you feel most connected to the spirit world. Somewhere you feel safe and yet out of place. This has to be somewhere you don’t mind being alone.

Step #2: Don’t forget to ground yourself.

Ground yourself frequently, especially before trying to communicate with the dead. Speaking to those who are no longer living takes a lot out of us because we are just human. Grounding yourself will help protect your personal energy.

Step #3: Define your boundaries.

It is so important that you define your own boundaries! Think about who you want to communicate with and when. This will help close you off to other spirits in some ways. While there will be exceptions you should after a little while begin to feel the difference.

Step #4: Open your mind to all possible outcomes.

Think about the different things that could come from this. Do not try to tap into the spirit world if you are not completely ready and prepared for it. While it might not seem like much to those who have not yet attempted, once you get into this kind of thing it can be hard to stop. There is no switch, once the door is open, it is not going to close easily.

Step #5: Begin talking and asking questions.

Once you have taken everything into consideration and are ready to move forward give yourself a few minutes to relax and call on the spirit you wish to speak with. Begin talking and asking questions. Each time you say something pause and wait for a response. This can come in many different forms and sometimes you might not be ready to notice it just yet.

Step #6: Listen for a response.

Sit quietly and listen for any responses you may be getting. Don’t cast anything aside. A chill, weird feeling, familiar smell, anything can be a response. Words are not always necessary.

Step #7: Write everything down and keep trying.

Write down everything from your experience and keep it as you continue on. This will allow you to look back and see what progress you have made. From here you should continue to try as frequently as you would like.