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It is almost time for the powerful energies that come forth on 12/12 to begin making their way to our planet. As we move through the days to come and phase into December itself a lot is going to be changing.

The shifting that occurs on December 12th is that of a portal opening and it is something we will all be feeling regardless of how spiritually sensitive we are. This will be a great time for true manifesting and as it really opens up we will begin to find parts of ourselves we have not seen in a very long time. This portal or shift holds the power of 12 but doubled which in every sense of the word will be intense.

This portal in itself signifies an awakening within our souls that we need to happen. Through this, we can prepare for the year to come on a deeper level and work to leave the past behind us. You are going to be more connected with the Divine and more aware of the conscious collective itself.

Now when it comes to the number 12 and it’s double 12/12 you can expect a lot of challenges. The number 12 signifies completion and is the number most people associate with beginnings and really coming to terms with the universe itself. However, when we move into things like 12/12 we get a very different form.

You see, 12/12 holds both independence and individuality all the whole forcing our hands to really bring forth true transformation. This kind of thing usually brings new relationships into our lives and focuses changes within our life to a place where we are capable of true growth. We will all be working to create and set in place healthy boundaries while still expanding and being more willing to put ourselves out there in this world.

If we are as focused and forward-thinking as we need to be during this time nothing will be capable of holding us back. While we should remain realistic we should also be willing to think outside of the box. Do not let your thoughts distract you, go with what you are feeling in the moments to come.

For more information on what this whole ordeal could hold for you please check out the video below. Things might seem a bit crazy right now but you’re in for quite a treat. This world is headed for so much in the coming year, you have no idea.


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