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Koko the gorilla was a marvelous gorilla who was known for her ability to use sign language and hers was a name most knew. She passed away back in June of this year but her message still lives on.

Koko was a very prominent figure for protecting the gorillas and was able to show the people around her much more than they had ever expected in her years. Koko lived to be 46 years old and her life was without a doubt full of love. She passed away in her sleep and will forever be missed.

While she is no longer here in this world, her message of spreading love is still alive today. She lives on in photos and videos as we all do in this time period. I recently came across a video on Facebook of her signing and it really made me appreciate her existence all the more. While she is one of many gorillas she was very special.

Many argue that she is only signing what her trainer told her to sign but that doesn’t make this any less amazing. The fact that she was able to get it all done correctly in the first place is marvelous. In this world creatures like Koko are far too misunderstood.

In this video, Koko was expressing her love for humanity and really seems to feel something when signing. Perhaps I’m reading too into this but she clearly seems to really understand more than most people think. Do you remember Koko? Growing up, I have heard a lot of different things about her through the years.

Please feel free to take a look at the video I am talking about below. Wasn’t she amazing? It is truly heartbreaking that she is no longer here with us. Seeing this really makes me want to learn sign language, isn’t it beautiful?

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