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Far too often we forgive people who hurt us and allow them back in our lives. We walk backward instead of forwards and allow those who shouldn’t be by our sides to seemingly control our lives.

While it might be hard to move on from the people around me right now, I know that’s what’s best for me. I need to move on and grow as a person. I can’t keep obsessing over the past and staying stuck in these moments with those who do nothing more than bring me down.

Yes, we all make mistakes but I’ve let you make far more than most other people would. There comes a point where letting go is a person’s only option and well, I’m there now. I can’t just keep putting myself through this and you shouldn’t want me to.

We can close this chapter and move on, both of us. I wish you well and hope that in time you find whatever it is you’ve been looking for. I’ve been struggling with the idea of letting you go for a long time now and while in the past when I walked away, I would turn and run to you just before things would truly be over – that won’t happen this time around.

I have seen the light and I now know what I do and do not deserve. I should be happy and I shouldn’t be forcing myself to try and put on a brave face day in and day out. I should and will create new happy memories with others and let go of the toxic past you forced onto me for so long.

Goodbyes are never easy and I can’t say this one is in any sense of the word. It’s taken all I can to hold back the tears and keep myself together enough to move on. I feel like I’m falling apart and like I won’t be able to manage without you but I know that this is something I must do for myself.

I cannot find happiness with you and I need that so much more than most people realize. I need to live my own life and see things as they are rather than how you want me to. I deserve to be true to myself and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

When I walk away this time and say goodbye this WILL be the last time. I will not come back into your life, and we will not be together again. This is it, period. I won’t be answering your calls late at night or messaging you when I’m feeling down. I will be my own person and move through life with those who actually care about me.