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The world around you might push you to be a more traditional ‘good girl’ but if that’s not you, don’t pretend. There comes a point in our lives where we must find ourselves and that can in many ways make us difficult.

As a woman, you shouldn’t hold back and let others close you off from the truth within you. There is nothing wrong with holding your own and maintaining your independence if that is what you want in life. Don’t let the fears you hold of the life you live keep you from truly chasing your dreams.

The difficult woman is more powerful than she might realize and that is something she has to come to understand. She is able to pull herself out of the worst situations and knows how to speak for herself. Instead of letting other people define who she is, she defines herself.

She lives her truth and doesn’t allow others to constantly push her to be someone she isn’t. Sure, she may still help others, and she may sometimes feel small but overall she is able to grow in huge ways. She sees other people living their lives and instead of fleeing back into her shell, she remains strong and continues on the path before her.

The difficult woman might be complicated and sometimes frustrating, but she also knows how to cut ties when those ties need to be cut. She refuses to let other people control her. She doesn’t keep looking back at the past and instead is grounded in the here and now. The future is something she is looking forward to and that is more than what most ask for.

She isn’t afraid of speaking her mind or being herself. She doesn’t hide behind the things she once did and now, she knows what must be done in life to get where she wants to be. Her heart may still be huge and she may still do a lot for others, but she now has limits and boundaries that she’s never had before.

Difficult women are crucial in this world, and we should be appreciating them more. They do so much and yet are still able to stand on their own two feet. People like that are one in a million.

You should never prevent your own growth. While it might be scary growth is crucial in more ways than most of us will ever be willing to admit. As life goes on we become more and more of who we were meant to be. She is no exception and while she still might have a way to go, she is on the right path, and she will find her truest form eventually. Difficult women are some of the best women and with them in our lives, we are capable of so much more.