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All too often I hear or see people mentioning how ‘impossible’ to love their mental illness makes them. This is something that needs to stop, because no one is impossible to love.

Don’t get me wrong, as someone who deals with anxiety even I have felt this way before but I now know things that I did not back then. The truth is that mental illness does make some of us hard to love. People might be okay with our problems in the beginning but as time goes on they may realize we are not the ‘one’ for them and that is fine, but we should not let ourselves believe that we are ‘impossible’ to love. Even if our mental illness makes us hard to love at times we are not impossible, nothing is ever impossible.

There is always someone out there that can and will understand you, you just have to find them. I have been through lots of things in the past with different partners deciding on down the line that I just needed to learn to ‘get over it.’ I promise if it were that easy I would have done it by now. It is not your fault that you are with someone who turned out to be toxic or someone who just couldn’t handle you on your bad days. Remember, that is their loss.

You are amazing and strong and you face things every day that those people probably wouldn’t even be able to imagine. Don’t let your mental illness define you. Do not let someone throw that stigma on you, you are whoever you want to be. Your mental illness is a part of you, it is not who you are.

I know some mental illnesses are harder to deal with than others and I know that we shouldn’t blame others for not being able to understand, how could they understand when they do not experience the things we do? But that doesn’t make it any less hard on our hearts or our minds in the end. Breakups hurt no matter what you are going through.

You are more than capable of providing someone with the love they need and you deserve that same love in return. Hard to love does not mean impossible to love, never forget that. You are wonderful and you do not give yourself credit enough in this world.

You accomplish more in a day than most and you manage so much without cracking. No one is perfect not even those who are mental illness free. Communication is everything, and once you find the right person everything will work out.

You can love someone with all that you are and someday that will be good enough for the right person. Someone will come in and make you feel like the assholes of your past never mattered at all. Unlovable is not a thing, impossible is always possible and love can be found in some of the most unexpected places. Do not be discouraged, it is out there and it will find you when you least expect it.

You are not your mental illness, I cannot say that enough. Mental illnesses are not going to make it impossible for you to find love. Love exists for everyone.