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My mother is an amazing woman. She is a caring mother and so much more.

Throughout the years, I have come to understand just how lucky I was when I ended up being born to the mother I was born to. Not everyone is able to have a mother as thoughtful and caring as mine. Some people will never know just how special it can be to feel so loved and yet also remain so free and authentic in life.

My mother has always stood by my side and helped me to make the best choices in life on my own. She hasn’t forced me into things that don’t fit, and she hasn’t made me into a person that I don’t want to be. She has guided me properly and treated me well.

Instead of forcing me to be someone I wasn’t, my mother accepted me for who I was and helped me along my path in this world. She showed me how to be kind and taught me to respect even those that most people turn away from. Because of her, I have a sense of understanding that I don’t think many people in this day and age do.

She showed me that it’s important to apologize and that happiness can be found in some of the smallest places. She time and time again taught me how important family was and how true friends would always be there even when we mess up. She might have made her own mistakes, but she did her best to learn from them and share those lessons with me so that I too could experience growth through her.

She was never cold and always listened when I had something to say. Even now, she hears me out when no one else will. She is my guardian angel, even though she has not yet left this world. Unlike most people, she holds a sense of cheer that brings light to this place.

She is always doing what she can for those in need, and she never turns away a person who truly deserves her help. She knows we are all placed here for a reason and has done well by figuring out her purpose in this world. She is smart, talented, and successful in so many ways and if I ever become even just a sliver of what she is I will also be proud of myself.

She is someone to look up to and because of that, I look up to her even now. She might be old, and she might not be as strong as she once was physically, but her spirit is extremely powerful. My mother is my hero, and I hope someday I can be someone else’s hero.

If your mother is someone you are proud of and hope to be like, make sure she knows how truly appreciative you are of her presence in your life. Don’t forget to remind her of all she has done for you and let her know how important you were in her progress through this world. Without her, you wouldn’t be who you are and even through the bad moments, she was always there for you.