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When we are with someone we think we match well with but for some reason are unable to get that extra spark, things become confusing. Sure, breaking things off might be the best option but getting to the point where you’re willing to actually do that isn’t always easy. 

If you’re questioning whether you’re with the right person, listening to your body might be a good way to begin figuring things out. Your body is going to react to people differently based on whether you’re meshing properly. If someone isn’t right for you, the following things might be presenting themselves. Of course, you may be chalking them up as unrelated but they very well could have something to do with your romantic life.

5 Signs Your Body Is Trying To Tell You That Your Partner Is Not The One:

1. You don’t smile much at all.

When you’re with the right person they will go out of their way to make you smile but the wrong person won’t. You’re not going to find yourself smiling at the wrong person for no reason at all like you would the right person. They leave you feeling unhappy and you’re not as content within the relationship as you wish you were.

2. You feel pretty sick to your stomach when around this person.

If you’re always on edge around your partner you shouldn’t just play it off as you being too sensitive or something like that. The feeling you get in your gut does not just happen for no reason. That is your intuitive side trying to let you know that this person makes you uncomfortable. Sure, you might think it’s the butterflies of infatuation but even those butterflies are not as intense.

3. You’re noticing a serious change in appetite.

If you are stress eating or not eating much at all in relation to your stress, you should not ignore it. There is a reason for this and the driving force behind your stress could be the relationship itself. If you’re with the wrong person, things are going to be more stressful than they should.

4. You’re not really getting the rest you need so you’re exhausted.

The more time you spend with people who drain you the more exhausted you’re going to be. When you’re with the wrong person getting the rest you need seems impossible. Your mind keeps you up at night in relation to this person and you just can’t win for losing.

5. You seem to be having a lot more headaches with this person in your life.

The more tension this person causes in your life the clear it should be that they do not belong with you. If they’re always giving you headaches and bringing you down, they don’t deserve you. The right person is going to help get rid of your headache, not make it worse.