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Bloating is something that can occur in your abdomen. When we are bloated we may seem ‘fat’ but in reality, we are merely carrying around an excess of gases and other things.

Bloating can be caused by a number of things. Everything from lactose intolerance to IBS could be causing your bloating issue. Some of the more serious causes include things like PID, inflammation, cancer, Crohn’s disease, and liver disease. When it comes to diagnosis your doctor will usually need to do a physical exam of some sort. Your doctor can go over a variety of things with you to determine what exactly might be causing your bloating.

While you may think you are ‘fat’ or merely gaining weight in your belly and not really many other places you may very well just be bloated. Some people can experience bloat in itself for years without any other real symptoms. There are, however, several things you can do to prevent or avoid boating and even to reduce it in general.

If you want to prevent bloating do as follows:

Avoid foods like cabbage, turnips, beans, and things of the sort. These foods are known to cause gas.

Don’t chew gum for long periods of time.

Stop eating your food so quickly.

Reduce your soda intake.

Don’t drink or eat things that have artificial sweeteners in them.

Eat more high in fiber foods.

Avoid dairy products if you notice an issue with them/increased bloating.

Bloating is a very common digestive problem many people are facing and are completely unaware of. You most likely have experienced bloating at some point in your life. This sort of thing can be quite uncomfortable and in some cases painful. Even stress can cause bloating. It is one of the most overlooked causes but is a cause nonetheless.

If you think you may be bloated do not hesitate to see your doctor and get things sorted out. While there are several at home remedies for bloating if you know the cause of your bloating you can better treat it whether you choose to do so via a doctor or at home. The tips below may be able to help you when it comes to getting rid of bloating. For more information about bloating click here, this is something far few people are aware of.