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Out of all the 16 personalities, there is one that is not so typical. While some are more common, the INFJ is the rarest out of the types and is also known as the counselor.

This personality type is so rare that only 2% of the population has this personality type. INFJ stands for intuition, feeling, introversion, and judging, People who fall under this personality type tend to be more introverted and people-oriented, while also being more emotional and rational. Needless to say, they are a rare breed.

Below, we will cover the five main traits of an INFJ.

1. They feel like aliens.

Most people who have this personality type can feel like they fit in everywhere while fitting in nowhere. They are highly different and have different perspectives, which can either make people gravitate toward them or make people question their sanity.

2. They absorb other people’s energy.

INFJs are much like empaths in that they can absorb the energy of others. That has a lot to do with why they are natural introverts because they tend to need time to themselves to refresh themselves after being around a lot of people.

3. They can predict things, like psychics.

INFJs are very intuitive. In many cases, they can pick up on a situation without having much information and just know things, regardless of whether they’ve been told or not. They have very good intuitive senses.

4. They are the perfect balance of emotional and rational.

Most people lean in one direction or another, while the INFJ is someone who is a good balance of both. They can remain level-headed while balancing emotion and rationality. However, on a bad day, one or the other can get the best of them.

5. They are true introverts.

INFJs are true introverts. They take it to the next level. They do not need people, but they do love people, so they don’t spend all of their time alone.