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While a lot of people do not realize it, many of us present in this world hold psychic powers to some degree. Psychic ‘powers’ can come in a wide range of forms and include more than most people are willing to acknowledge.

I believe that in some ways we all have some kind of psychic power even when we’re unaware of it and unable to properly tap into it. Through getting to know ourselves better we can grow these powers and work to make them much more prominent. If the things below are happening in your life, you have something locked within that you’re not letting loose. 

The only way to grow your abilities in this manner is to become aware of them and then work to use them. Sure, some of these things might seem small, but they’re a lot more mind-blowing than you realize. Your abilities are probably very prominent in your life if you stop to notice them.

6 Signs That You Have Psychic Abilities:

1. You have extreme ‘feelings’ that always play through intensely.

While it might not seem like it sometimes, you’re always right when it comes to intense feelings. You feel like someone is off or you feel like you need to remove yourself from a situation only to find out why later. This is part of you that you are not completely aware of helping you out and looking into your well-being.

2. You ‘experience’ things before they happen.

If you’re experiencing deja vu it should be a clear sign that you’re far more gifted than most. You see things before they happen or experience split moments as they’re stemming forth. While it can be a bit ‘unreal’ and leave us feeling ‘foggy’ this is a gift that can work to your advantage big time.

3. You tend to feel quite drained when you are around a lot of people.

When you’re around a lot of people you end up feeling drained. This is because you are able to sense the energies of those people, and they are because you are gifted draining yours. You feel as though you need to really give yourself some time to recharge after a long night out and to be honest, you should do exactly that.

4. You can tell when someone has bad intentions.

Psychic people are very good at reading others. They can tell when someone is pure in their thoughts or when someone intends to harm them. The closer someone gets to you the easier it will become to read them.

5. You are often sent messages within your dreams.

Dream messages can be sent by many different otherworldly beings and can mean anything from a simple hello to a dire warning. You are seeing things and people in your dreams that are trying to tell you something and whether you know what they’re saying or not something is happening. You are tapping into something most other people will never be able to experience.

6. Sometimes you just know things.

As a psychic person sometimes you will literally just know things without being able to explain why or how. Things just come to you and you embrace them for what they are. Everything that pops into your head holds some kind of truth behind it and you do not ignore these intrusive messages.