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It’s easy to mistake infatuation for love. However, love is an emotion completely different, and mistaking the two can lead to the ultimate form of heartbreak.

Of course, maybe you do love her. Maybe it feels like that because, without her, you would be lost. But, for whatever reason, no matter how much you love her, you just can’t give her your all.

What you have to understand, is that if you truly do love her, you’ve got to step outside your comfort zone. You have to transcend your present limits and give her the attention that she needs.

When you assume that you are doing all that you can, any chance of a satisfying relationship will go out the window.

What was it that drew you to her? Whatever it was, you must understand that if you break her down by ignoring her and forgetting her, you risk changing her forever. Changing her into someone that is nothing like the woman you fell in love with.

Don’t destroy her. Instead, become the man you always knew you could be because of her. A man capable of embracing her free spirit, her wild heart, and her rampant soul.

If you empower her by embracing who she is, she will return this to you tenfold. She will build you up in ways you never imagined and together you two can conquer the world. It won’t be easy, though. But nothing worth having ever is. However, if you aren’t up for a challenge, if you aren’t up for the task, please just walk away. If staying in your comfort zone is worth missing this opportunity, just let her go. Because if you loved her, you wouldn’t destroy her.