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In this day and age, compassionate people are not as abundant as we might want them to be. Sure, they are present in the world, but they’re honestly hard to find.

When it comes to people who are truly compassionate, their actions match their words big time. For those who might not be aware, compassion is a person’s concern for others basically. Some people are more compassionate than others but truly compassionate people really go above and beyond.

Below I am going to go over some of the traits that only truly compassionate people tend to hold. These people are the ones who will be there for those who need them no matter what. If you’re one of these people, you should be quite proud of yourself.

If You Have These 9 Traits You Are A Truly Compassionate Person:

1. You don’t let others shame you for the way you feel.

While you might be compassionate you know how you feel and why you feel the things you feel. You don’t let other people shame you. You are as you should be, period.

2. You are overly honest.

You are unapologetically honest. You say things that need to be said, always. You do not hold back unless you have to.

3. You aren’t overly pushy.

You do not push people to do or say things that they are not comfortable with. When people are guarded, you understand. You are willing to see them as they were and let them just be in the moment.

4. You are a very thankful and grateful person.

You are always thankful for the things people do for you. You do not take anything for granted. You know you’re fortunate in this world.

5. You don’t downplay the emotions of others.

You know that the things people feel are valid whether you can understand those things or not. You do not discount the things people are going through. When someone is upset, you respect that.

6. You help others understand the things the people around them are feeling.

You do not hold back when it comes to talking things out. If someone wants to know why another person is feeling a certain way, you’re there to explain. You make people see things from a new perspective.

7. You are as kind to yourself as you are other people.

You do not treat yourself badly. You are always so kind to yourself because you know that you matter. You treat yourself properly and take care of yourself as you take care of the people in your life.

8. You are a great listener.

You listen when other people need you to. If someone needs an ear to vent into you’re more than willing to be there. You do not let anyone go unheard.

9. You’re always working to help other people.

You are the kind of person that always lends a helping hand. You’re like and caring. You are always willing to be there for people who need you even if it’s people you don’t know that well.