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Many people believe spiritual healers are ancient and hard to come by, however, the truth is spiritual healers can be anyone. They are actually sometimes the most unexpected individuals.

Spiritual healers are essentially a kind of shaman, bringing something special to this world. They have the ability to heal the souls of others and truly make a difference in the lives of those around them. However, the more a healer gives the less a healer has; they suffer through things all on their own.

If you are a spiritual healer you need to be aware of it. This, so that you can work to give back to yourself in the ways you give to others. If you have experienced the any of the following things chances are you are a spiritual healer.

“Giving and helping from the heart becomes like a magnet, amplifying the energy to all those involved in the exchange.” 
― Heidi DuPreeAwaken Your Greater Health: How Energy Medicine Opens the Way to Healing


32 Signs You Are A Natural Born Spiritual Healer:

1. You think differently.

You do not have the same mindset as those in your life, and they are not thinking from a perspective like yours. You are much more open and selfless than the rest of this world.

2. People look to you for advice.

People for some reason like to come to you. This could be a friend or even a stranger, and this is because you have a warm welcoming aura.

3. You can read others easily.

People cannot hide things from you, because you can read other people like an open book. When something is bothering someone, you just know.

4. You look at the big picture.

You are not someone who gets caught up in all the small things. Details are not your forte; you are a big picture kind of person.

5. You have felt like and do feel like an outcast.

You do fit in but you don’t quite feel as if you do. Your place here is quite obvious, but that does not take away from the fact that you are indeed different. To some, this might seem like a bad thing, but for you, it is a very good thing.

6. You respect life.

You respect all aspects of life. You often help even the tiniest bugs. Everything deserves a place on this planet.

7. You tend to attract people who need fixing.

Most of the people who come into your life are people who need something. You are extremely skilled when it comes to fixing other people’s problems. However, you often overlook your own.

8. You feel compelled to give.

No matter who you’re with or how much you have you are always willing to give. You give freely and expect nothing in return. Sometimes, this can be a bit much.

9. You have been through your fair share of struggles.

You have been through a lot in your life. Tough times have shaped you into the healer that you are; regardless of your story, it brought you to where you stand.

10. You seek to work in a healing field.

You are drawn to positions where you can help others. This may be a doctors position or even a social worker. You figure out what your passion is and go for it.

11. You do not like to be in large groups as it drains you.

Because you are so energetically sensitive being in large groups is draining. You are more introverted as it is and prefer to spend as much time alone as you can. This is not a bad thing!

12. You love nature.

Nature is calming to you and you love being outdoors. It seems you spend most of your time ensuring that you are properly grounded.

13. People open up to you with ease.

People do not have any trouble opening up to you. You are quite welcoming and easy to talk to. You just have something that other people do not.

14. You can tell when someone is sickly.

When someone is not feeling well you can tell. It is as if your nose has a personal sickness radar. Nothing gets past you.

15. You like to help others.

Helping others brings you great joy. You like to see people getting the things they need and/deserve. It is much more than just a ‘kind deed’ for you.

16. You sometimes hear or sense things others cannot.

You have a lot of mystical encounters. The universe can talk to you and it does. However, not all of us can hear it when it speaks.

17. You are highly intuitive.

Your intuition is extremely active when compared to that of other people. Sure, we all have intuition on some level, but yours is unreal! Nothing can even begin to compare.

18. You tend to have vivid dreams.

Your dreams are often much more real than they should be. This is because the universe sends you messages through your dreams. When we are sleeping we are more open to these kinds of things.

19. Your energy affects those around you.

When you are upbeat so are the people around you. If you are feeling down it also brings those close to you down. For the most part, this is a good thing since you maintain high spirits almost always.

20. You care about other people deeply.

You care about other people more than anything. You love to see people happy and would stop at nothing to ensure their joy. Selflessness is exactly what you are all about.

21. You can see all the foolishness of this world.

This world cannot pull the wool over your eyes. You see it for what it is and the people on this planet for who they are. Something are just plain out foolish and there is no other way to describe them.

22. You pay close attention to your surroundings.

You pay attention to everything. Your senses are extremely heightened. As I mentioned above nothing gets past you.

23. Animals really like you.

Animals love to be around you. They find comfort knowing your soul is kind. In case you have not noticed, animals tend to pick up on this kind of thing quickly.

24. You feel the emotions of others.

When someone is down you can tell. Their emotions radiate off of them and onto you. You feel exactly what they are feeling.

25. Those closest to you in life do not get sick often.

You unknowingly protect those in your closest circle. You do what you can to prevent sickness and keep them happy. This is something you have likely been doing for quite some time.

26. You are attracted to healing crystals.

Healing crystals are something you have always been fascinated with. You feel the need to surround yourself with them. This is because your inner being knows you need a boost from time to time and crystals are one of the best ways to give yourself just that.

27. You are very sensitive to energies.

You are much more sensitive than the people around you. You can feel things that they cannot feel. While they may care for one another they do not do so on the level that you do.

28. You go out of your way to make others comfortable.

You are not afraid to get out of your comfort zone if it means helping someone else. You like to make sure other people are content and sometimes that involved putting yourself second. To be completely honest, you need to focus on yourself more.

29. When experiencing empathy sometimes it manifests as physical pain.

You are extremely empathetic and this can sometimes be a bad thing. You are able to manifest the pain of others physically on yourself. You cannot prevent it without intense preparations.

30. You have been diagnosed with anxiety or something of the sort.

Because you experience so much on such a deep level it can cause disorders like anxiety. Sometimes this resolves itself once you get your gift under control, but not always. It is however, something you can handle.

31. Children are drawn to you.

Children much like animals can sense when someone is genuine as well. They will often cling to those who are natural born healers. This being because they need someone like that in their lives.

32. You are a fantastic listener.

You listen so well and are able to resolve issues without even speaking sometimes. In this life a lot of the time we just need a shoulder to cry on. You are often exactly that.

If these things describe you then you need to try and work on being able to help others all the while not giving up parts of yourself. Your health and wellbeing are just as important. If something happens to you, who will help those you love and care for?