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Empaths are some of the most important people on this planet. They were placed here to help others while not all are aware of their gifts, many do truly great things with them.

For those who might not know empaths are people who are what one might consider to be highly sensitive. They can feel the things other people are feeling and take on their emotions as their own. Empaths absorb everything and this can be both a good and bad thing.

While at first being an empath can feel quite overwhelming and painful, the more you learn to really work with and use your gifts the better things will become. Understanding yourself is a very powerful tool that can and will place you where you need to be. If you think you are an empath then chances are the signs have already made themselves quite known.

Below I am going to go over those signs. If these things are present in you and your life then perhaps learning more about your gifts and working to better understand the world of empaths, in general, will provide you with exactly what you need.

32 Signs That You Are A True Empath Whether You Know It Or Not:

1. You do not like to argue or fight with others.

You are not the kind of person who likes to fight or argue. You are much more reserved than most people. You do not face conflict in the ways that others do. You will go to great lengths to settle things through talking them out.

2. You need to spend time alone to recharge.

When you’re feeling drained spending time alone is the only way to get through it. You have to have your alone time otherwise you will not be able to really wind down. This is something a lot of people find odd about you.

3. Sometimes you just know things.

You are a very intuitive person. Your intuition tells you much more than the intuitions of others do them. You are aligned with the source in a way that most people struggle to accomplish.

4. You feel drained when surrounded by others.

When you’re surrounded by people it places you on edge. You begin feeling drained and out of it. This is because people pull positive energy from you. Empaths are some of the most common targets for energy vampires.

5. You are a fantastic problem solver.

When there is a problem you will almost always be able to come up with a solution. Unlike most people, you can take yourself out of the situation and get a better look. You might not always like the answers that come forth, but they are almost always the best possible ones.

6. Animals seem to be drawn to you.

Animals are drawn to you because of your warm aura. They know that with you they are safe. You will not harm them.

7. You are the person many people come to for advice.

People come from all over to ask you for advice. Your friends come to you before they come to anyone else because they know you will tell them what they need to hear. Sure, it might be fun hearing the things others have to say but at the end of the day, they know you won’t sugar coat anything.

8. Your dreams are always very vivid.

You have some of the most vivid dreams because of your intuitiveness. You are operating on a level that allows those from the other world to send messages to you through your dreams. The source is very much alive within you and each time something happens while you’re sleeping, it is something you should look more into.

9. You do not like being in large/crowded public places.

Because you are an empath you do not like being in crowded places. The more people there are the more energies will be flocking to you. These energies can be felt even from a distance, that is why you cannot deal with them as well as others would like for you too.

11. You feel drawn to specific items because of their ‘aura.’

You sometimes find things that feel as though they were meant for you to have them. This is because of the energies attached to them. Everything in this world has an aura and sometimes the aura of something can call us in.

12. Even people you don’t know tend to open up to you.

Strangers seem to pop out of the woodworks to speak to you. Those you have only just met might open up and tell you their troubles. This is because you are a very kind and gentle person. Your energies come off in a very approachable manner.

13. You are really good at keeping the peace.

When there are people fighting you are almost always the one to calm things down. You can handle almost any situation and are great at settling the issue at hand. While this can be annoying it does make a big difference in the lives of those closest to you.

14. You do not open up to others in the ways they open up to you.

You are not the kind of person to talk about your problems. Other people come to you but you don’t feel like you have anyone you can go to. It’s like you’re there for everyone else with no means of releasing yourself.

15. When someone else feels bad, it makes you feel bad.

You are influenced greatly by the feelings of others. When someone is upset it makes you upset. You can feel their emotions on a level that no one else will be able to understand.

16. You are a truth seeker.

You seek out the truth above all else. You will not accept a lie and can spot deception from a mile away. When things like this are found you are quick to call them out.

17. You do not like to be held back.

You are a bit of a free spirit. You do not like to be held back and are sure of where you need to go. While you will allow others to hold you back some, you know the boundaries that must be kept.

18. You tend to stress about other people’s issues even when they’re not around.

When other people are going through things it really gets to you. You stress over the problems they’re facing even when they’re nowhere near. This is a big issue for you and you might not be able to really differentiate well.

19. You sometimes struggle greatly with saying ‘no.’

Saying ‘no’ is important and must be done sometimes but you struggle with it. This is something that all empaths have to overcome. While it is hard, saying yes all the time is a headache.

20. You give far more than you should in relationships.

When you’re with someone you give your all even if they don’t. You want things to work so badly that you force the pieces to fit even when they never could. You are not the kind to give up easily.

21. You do your best to remain drama-free.

You do not like drama and you do your best to avoid it. You refuse to allow those who gossip close and always cut ties when things get rough in this sense. You are not good at putting your foot down usually but this is an area you will not budge in.

22. You do not like seeing violent things on TV or social media.

You get upset when violence is present even when it’s through a screen. You can feel the pain that the people or animals are going through and you cannot stand it. This is why you tend to stick more to yourself than most.

23. You attract people who need to be ‘fixed.’

When it comes to the people around you most of them are looking to use you. You attract people into your life who need you. You are constantly working on the lives of others.

24. You forgive too easily.

When someone messes up you are too quick to forgive. You allow people to hurt you time and time again. When someone says ‘sorry’ you act as if nothing ever happened. Cutting ties is not your forte.

25. You are always willing to help those in need.

You are always there for other people. If someone is in need and you can offer assistance you are more than glad to do so. You do not let anyone go without.

26. You are more creative than most other people.

You spend a lot of time creating things and making art. While you may not like the traditional kinds of art, yours are still just as amazing. You are talented in ways you do not even realize.

27. Spending time in nature is one of your favorite things to do.

You are drawn to nature. Being in nature gives you a chance to really breathe freely. You feel like when you’re with Mother Nature you are truly free.

28. You accept responsibility for things that are not your fault.

You let people put too much on your shoulders. You accept fault for things you shouldn’t and you turn yourself into a doormat. You need to learn to be stronger than this.

29. You either really like someone or really don’t like someone, there isn’t much room for in-between.

You allow your first impression of someone to cloud any judgment otherwise. You do not think things through on a deeper level once you’ve made up your mind. This can be a terrible thing depending on the situation and is also something you as an empath will have to work on.

30. You are quick to uncover lies.

Because you are very truth-oriented you are quick to spot lies. When someone is lying you can tell, you pick up on the energetic change. Not much can be gotten past you.

31. You always try to make the world a better place.

You might not always succeed but you always try to do your best to help this planet. You are kind and caring which shows big time. People in your life can tell just how warm your heart is.

32. You forget the importance of your own needs often.

You tend to put the needs of others before your own. You let people take advantage of you and always reach out further than you should. While it might take some time you will eventually learn just how important self-care is.