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Have you ever met someone and instantly felt like you had known them all your life? If you have, then you will understand where I am going with this.

Some believe that when we pass away, we are reincarnated and live new lives, each to teach us something new. Ultimately, the combination of these lessons is what brings our soul enlightenment. Along the way, we meet people, some of which we will meet over and over again. For example, our twin flame is thought to be a connection that we meet again and again.

But, twin flames aren’t the only ones, as we have some that are our past life connections. When we meet past life connections, there are signs. Here are 4 to look out for.

1. You’ve seen them in a dream before you met them.

Before you met, you met them in a dream. The interesting aspect about this is that this happens with animals as well. Sometimes, animals can be our past life connections. Another thing worth noting is that it is also thought that time is relative, so our past and current lives run in parallel. This also accounts for déjà vu.

2. When you met them, they instantly felt familiar.

If you feel an instant connection to someone upon meeting them, it’s a sign of a past life connection. When this happens, you will know things about the person without even having to ask. And you will instantly feel at home around them. It’s a very odd sensation, but it also makes for an amazing friendship or even relationship.

3. Your birth chart shows compatibility.

Another sign of a past life connection is a compatible birth chart. To obtain one, you will need to reach out to an astrologer, and they can provide you with one. I highly suggest sticking to someone you trust and having both yours and your friend’s done. You might be surprised.

4. Sometimes, the connection feels telepathic.

Past life connections can speak to one another with their eyes. They are intuitively connected to one another and can sense things about each other.