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Dating a Virgo is a one-of-a-kind experience. And depending on your personality, that can be a good or a bad thing.

Personally, as a Libra, I have always gotten along with Virgos quite well. But, every Virgo I have ever met fits the astrological bill when it comes to personality traits, especially in relationships. Virgo is an Earth sign, which makes them very intense and very practical people.

But, for the right person, they make especially wonderful and loyal partners. If you are thinking about dating one, here are 10 things you must know.

1. They take a while to fall in love.

Virgos are particular about who they choose to let in. Before they fall in love, they will be extremely slow to move forward in the relationship. However, once they know the relationship is right for them, they jump in headfirst.

2. They have high expectations.

Because Virgos are very big perfectionists, they have high expectations for everyone, including themselves. They don’t tend to tolerate others who are disorganized or chaotic. They thrive on order.

3. They bottle their emotions.

While to the outside looking in, you may not think your Virgo is a very emotional person. But, be wary of assuming that. They may let a lot of things roll off their back, but deep down, pressure will begin to build. And eventually, when the valve pops open, it will explode.

4. They respect straightforward people.

If you want to woo a Virgo, just be real with them. They would much rather you tell them the harshest truth than tell them a sugar-coated version of reality. If you ever lie to a Virgo, your days are numbered.

5. They are kind of control freaks.

Virgos like to have order and control. And to them, who better than to control everything than themselves? If you don’t like having someone micromanage things, you may have a hard time dating a Virgo. (Sorry, no offense Virgos.)

6. They don’t ask for help.

When a Virgo is struggling, they will not ask for your help. That isn’t to say that they don’t want help, they just are far too prideful to ask for it.

7. They can see through lies.

If you lie to a Virgo, they may not say anything at first, but they will know. They will give you enough rope to hang yourself, and when the time is right, they will call you out on your bull. To put it simply: DO NOT LIE to them.

8. They never give second chances.

If you cross a Virgo, there is no going back. They do not let go of a grudge, and they do not give their trust to people who don’t earn and maintain it.

9. They need their own space.

Virgos like to have their own space. They are not clingy partners, and instead, prefer to be on their own as much as they do to be with their partner.

10. They love everything they’ve got.

When a Virgo decides to let someone in, and truly be vulnerable with them, they give it everything they’ve got. They are very loyal and make extremely loving partners. Additionally, their love language is acts of service, so they truly enjoy showering their partner with affection.