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When it comes to being in a proper functioning relationship communication is extremely important. If you cannot communicate with one another properly things will never work.

You should be able to go to your partner about anything, without being scared of what he or she might say or think. Being able to sit down and talk to one another is one of the things people seriously take for granted. While not all of the things you talk about will be easy, the fact that you’re able to go over them, in general, is a serious feat.

Below I am going to go over some of the things that no matter the situation or circumstances of your relationship, you should be able to talk about. If you’re unable to talk about these things you’re far too closed off from one another to move forward properly. Are you and your lover able to go over these things?

9 Things You Should Always Feel Comfortable Talking To Your Partner About:

1. The Future

You and your partner should be able to sit down and have serious conversations about where things are headed. If you’re in the relationship for the right reasons talking about the future and making plans for the years to come will be easy. You will be able to go over every little detail and really work things out with one another.

2. Your Needs

As a couple, you need to understand that your needs and the needs of your partner both matter. If you two cannot talk about your needs then at some point one of the two of you will end up feeling as if he or she is being neglected. Being aware of your needs and your significant other’s needs helps you grow in a big way.

3. Finances

You should always be able to talk to your partner about finances. While finances are stressful and can cause serious arguments getting everything figured out is important. These kinds of things should include both of you, not just one of you.

4. Your Opinions

You and your partner should be able to talk to each other about your opinions. You are not always going to have the same opinion and there is nothing wrong with that but seeing things from all perspectives is a big deal. Your opinions should not go unspoken within reason.

5. Intimacy

Whenever there is a problem in the bedroom it needs to be addressed. Don’t feel insecure about going to your partner to talk about intimacy. The more you talk about this kind of thing the better your connection with each other becomes.

6. Your Differences

We all have our differences and better understanding that is a good idea. You and your partner should always be willing to explain why the thoughts you have on certain things are the way that they are. This promotes growth and allows you to really learn in ways you otherwise would not.

7. Other People

Sometimes we find ourselves far closer to toxic people than we should be. Our partner is often going to be the first person to try and make us aware of the deception before us but if we’re not communicating that message might get lost. Your lover has your best interests in mind whether you feel like it or not.

8. Growth

Growth is something we cannot avoid and the more we talk about it the better. Your partner is someone who should want to grow with you not away from you. Figure out where you two want to go in life and work towards it.

9. Problems

Talking about your problems might not seem like much but it is a big deal. This allows you to relax and feel as though you’re finally being heard. Your significant other might not know how to solve the issue at hand but he or she can lend an ear and leave you feeling much better after all is said and done.