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While a lot of people in this world think that one partner has to be more in control than the other, that’s not how things truly should be. We should as lovers be on the same page in that we are both in control of the lives we live together.

Just because your partner pushes you to do something does not mean you have to do that something. At the end of the day, if you’re not comfortable you do not have to follow through, period. If you’ve found a strong individual to be your lover, you’ve gained something most people never bother to look for in life. 

The right woman isn’t going to let you walk all over her. She is going to hold her own and live her life beside you. Below I am going to go over some of the things only the right woman will do, she won’t be a pushover, and she will always be true to who she is.

9 Things Only The Right Woman Will Do:

1. She owns up to her actions.

Her actions are her own and no one else’s, this she has come to terms with. She does not blame the things she does on anyone else. She is responsible for the things she does, period.

2. She isn’t going to let anyone take advantage of her.

Unlike most people, she won’t let others take advantage of her. If someone seems to be throwing her through a loop for fun or gaining without offering anything in return she will cut ties. She is no toy, and she will not be played with.

3. Unlike most, she can hold her own above all else.

While most people struggle to hold their own, she does so well. She knows who she is and who she is not. She will not be swayed easily.

4. She knows the importance of fun.

Instead of letting happiness and fun take the backseat in her life, she values these things. She knows that we all need to make the most of the time before us. Tomorrow is not promised.

5. She values communication big time when it comes to dating.

Communication is not something she is willing to compromise on. If you won’t open up things will never work. She has to be able to talk to her partner, period.

6. Her sense of self-respect is not something you can break her away from.

She isn’t the kind of person who will let you break her self-respect or cross her boundaries. If you’re constantly trying to do things like that you won’t be in her life for long. She has things figured out, and she won’t let you change that about her.

7. She will always chase her dreams/goals.

Her life is the life she wants to live. She will always chase her goals and follow her dreams. You’re either with her or against her on this one.

8. She is mentally tough but also not afraid to speak up for herself and state her emotions.

Speaking up for herself is something she never hesitates to do. She shares her emotions with those who matter and is very tough overall with the people who try to bring her down. It takes a lot to break her even when she’s vulnerable.

9. The idea of being single isn’t the end of the world in her eyes.

Instead of being scared of the single life, she knows that sometimes it’s important to be single. She doesn’t mind staying on her own if that’s what she needs to do. She doesn’t need a relationship to fix herself.