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While we all know introverts and extroverts are different in how they do things as a whole, many of them are also different in what drives them. You see, introverts focus well and take their time while extroverts usually feel like they need to be on their feet to get things done.

Below you will find a series of images with different things hidden in each one. Now, for some of us these will be easy to find and for others well, finding all of them quickly will prove to be quite the task. Sure, there will be exceptions to all of this and some people who are not necessarily introverts will also do well but overall, this kind of thing is more suited for the introvert as a whole.

Before diving into this ‘test’ clear your mind really let everything melt away and then take the time to try and find all the hidden things in these images. Don’t take too long on each one but don’t try to rush through them either. Time yourself and see if you can get done in under a minute with all of them.

Somewhere in this image is a mouse, can you find it?

Where is the croissant in all of this sea stuff?

This button is much harder to find than you might think, can you spot it?

Where on Earth is this butterfly hiding?

Is there really even a turtle in this one?

Where is the small bag of cash amongst all of these presents?

(Image Credit: Go Simply Tax)

Can you find the cup of coffee?

Now, if you’ve managed to find all these hidden things look at how long it took you. As noted above while there will be exceptions to this, if you’re an introvert chances are you got this done in almost no time at all. Sure, it might look hard but for most introverts finding things like this is a piece of cake.

For extroverts though, this might have been something you didn’t even bother to finish. You got bored in the middle of all of it and gave up or you skipped over some of them or looked up the answers. That being said, if you got them all done but it took a little more time than you would have liked, you might be an ambivert.