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Have you ever felt out of place? Perhaps you feel as if this world is not the one you should be calling home?

You could be a starseed. While starseeds are something you don’t hear much about they are all around us. Starseeds are people who come from a place much different than the rest of us. Starseeds are people who carry highly evolved souls. They have something special locked away deep within their beings.

Starseeds are a specific kind of crystal children when you really break them down. They often feel misplaces and as if they are aliens of some kind. Many of them struggle to fill the emptiness inside of them. They want to go home but don’t know where home is and nowhere on this Earth feels familiar to them. I know, that sounds awful, doesn’t it?

Starseeds come to Earth to help lift the rest of us up. They are meant to work with humanity in a positive manner and promote positivity in this world. They have been chosen to make an impact on all the come in contact with. Starseeds are very unique and capable of so many different things.

Starseeds work to spread light but they are not technically lightworkers. They both come from different places. Lightworkers are merely here to raise the planet’s vibration not to bring forth awakening. Starseeds have already experienced life elsewhere while they may not remember it, they can feel it.

Starseeds usually have lived many many lives here on Earth and are well rounded, to say the least. They prepare for things in ways others would not and come with a very important mission. If you are a starseed, you will feel as if you have a greater purpose here and that while you do not belong here, need to do good here.

Starseeds bring forth healing and comfort to all the encounter. Usually, they have a deep interest in spirituality from a young age and feel very drawn to things in regards to space. They are very creative and usually possess a much higher level of consciousness than the people in their lives.

If this sounds like you then you should look for the signs.  While you might not belong here, you are going to really make a difference in this world. It may not be your home but it can become your home.

Image via RWS News