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For some reason, we tend to hold onto people for far too long. While they might be ready to move on and no longer be in our lives, we cling to them almost for dear life.

In current times we all need to work more on knowing our worth. The people who do not want to be in our lives do not deserve the power we give them over our happiness. If someone doesn’t want to be in your life instead of holding onto them and trying to force them to remain near, we should be letting them go. After all, if they don’t want to stick around they didn’t deserve to be here, to begin with.

Just because we care for someone, or we love someone doesn’t mean we should put so much into them that when they leave we feel lost and as if the world is no longer moving. Life goes on even when we are in pain and there will be better people come into our lives whether we realize it in the moment or not. If you’re missing someone right now who chose to drop you when you were at your worst, find someone who will stick by your side now and help you grow further when you’re at your best.

Quit having conversations trying to fix things when you’re the only one putting forth an effort to make them better in the first place. If someone doesn’t want to change at the end of the day, no matter what you do they will not change. If they’re not ready to accept you in their lives, and they’re only going to keep hurting you time after time, cut ties with them or stop trying to call them back once they’ve walked away.

You deserve so much better and you really need to learn that. If someone isn’t ready to settle down they’re not going to no matter what you say or what you do and that’s just a reality, and we have to work to understand it even if it breaks us up inside. I promise, I know it’s hard and I know it’s painful but your happiness and wellbeing are worth so much more than what this person is reducing it to. Not everyone you find in this life is going to be willing to do the things you want them to, sorry.

Instead of putting so much into these people, start putting what you can into yourself and figure out who you are and where you want to be. The longer you hold back and fight for those who aren’t fighting for you the more lost you’re going to become. The people who matter won’t leave you sinking on the ship as it’s going down.

Just because you want them to love you doesn’t mean they will. You cannot force love and you shouldn’t try to. Things will get better in time, learn to let go and learn to love yourself before you try to love someone else.