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While being single isn’t always as fun as it is made out to be, there are good and bad things about the single life. It is something we all have to embrace sometimes.

As we move forth in life the path this universe has laid out for us becomes more and more apparent which for some can be a bit disappointing. If you’re struggling to find love and unable to really break free from the chains of your past, the universe might be willing you to be single for a little while. While this is a hard thing to face and something most people don’t want to deal with, you can’t run from it. 

If the universe wants you to be single for a little while or a long while, you should embrace it. Once you get over the negative things you have allowed to come forth in your mind regarding being single you will see just how ‘not bad’ it truly is. When we are single we get closer to ourselves and are able to become more independent in the ways we otherwise would not have been capable of. 

There are so many things that can be accomplished when we are on our own that we cannot manage with someone by our sides and that is not the easiest thing to accept. The more you grow on your own the more prepared you will be for love to actually come forth in your life and the universe sees everything laid out much sooner than you ever will. Do not question the universe instead take each lesson that comes forth as it is and never miss a chance to grow.

Throughout the years I have gone through moments where the universe knew I needed to be single, the universe took every chance I thought I had at a relationship away from me and after a while, I realized what was happening. Upon making that realization a real power grew inside of my soul. This is a power that remains with me even now as I move forward into the current relationship I am facing. Back then I was not ready for the next step in my life and the universe forced me to prepare.

You should stop being afraid of being alone and embrace the oneness that is offered through it. We can be happy and social all the while being single. Love and happiness are not something that have to go hand in hand. The more you get to know yourself and the stronger you become the better your life will be. Love will come when you are ready, don’t worry about filling your life with meaningless relationship after meaningless relationship. 

If the universe wants you to be single, be single. It’s a much better situation than being stuck with someone who doesn’t actually care about you and helps you reach your higher form in more ways than you can imagine. Don’t give up on love just choose to believe more in yourself and your own abilities.