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Men and women can either be supportive and positive or negative and toxic. When it comes to dating, we have to work to find those who will be there for us when we need them and keep up just as secure as we keep them.

Now, in this article we’re going to focus on what to look for in a woman while these are also things you could look for in a man, they are a bit more tailored for the feminine energy. Women who can apply to these following signs are the kinds of women you need to make sure you’re close to. They will be there for you when times get rough and help you when no one else will.

9 Things She Will Do If She’s Someone You Need In Your Life:

1. She loves being around you and you actually love being around her.

She is the kind of person that makes you happy to spend time with. You both love to be around one another and you’re able to really connect in a way that most people are not. There is a proper connection.

2. She is your biggest fan and truly believes in you.

She is always pushing you to do better and be your best self. She believes in you when no one else does. The more you accomplish the more proud she is.

3. She respects your space and you’re both able to spend time apart.

She is the kind of person that respects your boundaries and personal space. The two of you are able to take time apart and do your own things when you feel it is necessary. This is crucial for dating and something that other people should work to achieve in their relationships.

4. She brings out the best in you.

She is not the kind of person that brings you down. She brings you to a higher place and makes you feel great. The more she’s around the more positive you become.

5. When rough patches occur she doesn’t just jump ship.

She makes you feel like you’re finally secure and safe. She isn’t going to jump ship when you’re doing bad or when times are hard. She will be there to hold your hand through it all.

6. You can trust her more than anyone else.

She is someone you can trust big time. When something happens she will come to tell you about it. She’s not going to withhold information or lie to you about anything.

7. She is someone you can really communicate with.

She is the kind of person you can communicate with big time. You’re both able to sit down and talk out your problems when they come up. This is something a lot of people also struggle with on a serious level.

8. You both have the same values and similar goals in life.

She isn’t the kind of person that is headed in a different direction from you. You’re both going towards the same place. You’re values and goals are aligned properly.

9. You see a future with her, and she sees a future with you.

She is a person that you see a future with, and she sees a future with you. You’re both able to go in the same direction as noted but also to a serious extent. When you sit down and talk about the next 5 years you’re both together within those next 5 years.