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Men and women can be a bit awful to one another sometimes but when you’ve found someone who is willing to grow with you that keeps your best interest in mind, things can become quite positive quickly. While it might be hard to decide if the person you’re with has good intentions or not, their actions should make things quite clear.

If you’re a man who has a woman in his life that is there for him through thick and thin all the while doing her best to achieve all she can, you’ve got someone well worth hanging onto. Women sometimes take advantage of men in the ways men take advantage of women, and so we need to be on our toes about what is happening in our romantic lives. If she’s a keeper the following things won’t be lacking.

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9 Signs Your Girlfriend Is A Keeper:

1. She is someone you can see yourself building a life with.

She is the kind of person you can really plan a future with. Five years from now you could still see her by your side and you could envision her within your timeline. You both are moving forth in this world in similar directions.

2. She has a similar life plan and values to you.

She is the kind of person that you have all of the important things in common with. For instance, you both don’t want kids or you both have work in mind until a later date. Everything is as it should be between the two of you and building a life together is quite possible. No matter what seems to happen, you both are quite on the same page.

3. She needs her alone time and respects yours as well.

She doesn’t want to be alone all the time, but she does need alone time here and there. She knows that as humans we need our time to relax and calm down on our own, and she isn’t afraid to give you exactly that. She knows that space in many ways is crucial for relationships and allows them to grow more properly.

4. She always wants to sit down and talk things out.

She doesn’t usually hide her feelings and is quick to sit down with you and work through the problems you two are facing. If there is a disagreement or problem you both come to an agreement that works for both of you. There is a lot of compromise within this relationship.

5. She lives her own life all the while by your side.

She isn’t going to waste her time being a mere ornament in your life. She lives her own life and grows through your life together all the while. You are both capable of being there for one another all the while doing your own things. Nothing makes either of you feel left out in this regard.

6. She believes in you on a level no one else does.

She is in many ways your biggest fan. She sees you for who you are and knows your potential. Even when the whole world is against you, she has your back.

7. She makes time to reply to your texts and answer your calls.

She takes the time to reply to you and call you back when needed. She doesn’t just say she’s busy. A single text only takes a couple of seconds out of a person’s day and really shows interest.

8. She clearly enjoys being around you.

She likes to be near you and you two have a lot of fun together. The more time you spend with one another the more time you want to spend together. It’s like life is better when you’re in the same room.

9. She is able to trust you and you are able to trust her.

She isn’t the kind of person who has to question your every move. You are both able to trust one another and know that the truth is what you get from each other. Sure, you might have points in your life where you question each other but at the end of the day, you know that those questions are not warranted.