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If I cut you out of my life, it’s not because I felt the need to get rid of you but more-so because you gave me no choice. It’s never fun leaving people behind but you’re the reason I’m holding the scissors in the first place.

I gave you chance after chance and you blew every one of them. Instead of being a good friend and helping me through all the things life threw my way as I always have you, you’ve let me down time after time. Even after you abandoned me, I still tried my hardest to keep things flowing properly.

I am always going to be thankful for the good memories that I have with you but you were never there for me in the ways I was there for you. You always took advantage of me and were never willing to help me grow. I don’t owe you an explanation but for myself, I am writing this. This will be the last thing you ever hear from me so don’t bother reaching out.

You were the one who refused to make any kind of effort towards repairing what was left of our connection with one another. You kept taking and I kept giving without realizing what kind of toll it was taking on my personal energy. After a while, I too stopped caring as much and we were both just bringing one another down in the end.

You’re much more toxic than you might be willing to see right now but in time you will come to understand why I’ve cut ties and moved forth without you in my life. Just because we used to be each other’s everything doesn’t mean we always will be and I guess that’s fine. We’ve gone from knowing everything about one another to being strangers who happen to hold secrets and in the end, there is nothing that can be done about that.

I don’t wish anything bad towards you and I hope you find peace once you move on with your life. You don’t deserve to be miserable and I don’t want to make you feel like I’m leaving out of spite or anything like that. I am through cutting ties doing what’s best for me and what you’ve given me no choice but to do. This life is one that I need to keep moving through and doing that from here is not an option.

Perhaps someday you will realize all of the wrongs you’ve done and you will come looking for me again. Maybe then we will be on the same page and able to reconnect but I won’t hold my breath. Life is short and we need to do what is best for ourselves above all else, so I won’t hold anything you’ve done against you.

The future is a bright one and that much I can see quite clearly. I am going to be just fine and you too will manage to find your place in this world be it one way or another. Things will end up as they should be once all is said and done, that much I know is true.