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Don’t make the mistake of believing you are worthless. Oftentimes we believe we are the one in the wrong, when actually, the person we are dating is the problem.

Stop sitting around waiting for him to put a label on things. If he won’t call you his then what is the point? You deserve better than that. If he’s not into you in the way you’re into him find someone that will give you all that you need. If he doesn’t put forth an effort to be with you and make you happy he shouldn’t be allowed near you. If he really loved you he would make an effort to prove to you that he should have a place in your life. You cannot let someone that makes excuses or puts things off keep you sitting around forever.

He’s not confused and he doesn’t need time to figure out what he wants, either he wants to be with you or he doesn’t. He shouldn’t be allowed to treat you like a girlfriend without making you one. Things don’t last long that way and almost always end on a painful note.

He knows whether he wants all of you and if he won’t make it known that he does, then he doesn’t. It is as simple as that. I know that when this happens deep down inside you know he doesn’t really care. You stay because you wish with all that you have that he would care but he won’t.

He can go find someone else to let him play his games. When you stay with someone like this you are just gambling with your heart. You are putting yourself out there and leaving yourself torn open and bleeding. If he isn’t giving you 100 percent why should you be giving him 100 percent?

If he loved you he would make sure you knew, he would do whatever it is you needed him to do, and he would be there for you in all possible ways. He wouldn’t let you walk out of his life, he would make things work and he wouldn’t make a mockery of your heart. He would prove to you that his intentions are good.

Sometimes moving on is the hardest thing we could ever do but a lot of the time it is the best thing we can do. Just because it hurts doesn’t mean it won’t make a positive difference in your life in the future. Don’t be afraid to walk away.