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While you might think your boyfriend loves you, knowing that he does is not always as simple. We tend to assume a lot about the people we spend the most time with or share our deepest thoughts with and for some that ends badly.

If you don’t want to get your heart broken looking for the signs that he does truly love you can be important. The following signs will tell you whether he is on the same page as you or not, and they will really put a lot into perspective. If he’s sincere, you’ll be able to spot these signs fairly quick.

7 Things He Will Do If He Actually Loves You:

1. He doesn’t mind actually communicating with you about problems the two of you have.

If he really loves you he will be more than willing to sit down with you and talk things out. When a problem comes up he won’t ignore you or refuse to speak, he will allow you time to relax and then come at things from an outside perspective. When you’re in love you know that communicating mindfully is important, and you can truly trust one another so jumping to conclusions isn’t as constant.

2. He doesn’t blow you off or waste your time.

If he really loves you, your time will be just as important to him as his time is. He won’t want you to have to wait around for him, and he won’t blow you off for his friends. Unless something crazy comes up, he isn’t canceling on you. When he says he will be there, he will be there.

3. He doesn’t entertain other women.

Sure, others might flirt with him or ask for his number, but he doesn’t entertain it. He knows he has the one that he wants, and he doesn’t hide you from the world. You are secure in your relationship and able to trust him without a doubt. This is sadly nowhere near as common as it should be.

4. He actually listens when you speak.

When you speak, if he loves you he will listen. Sure, there might be moments where he doesn’t hear you right or there is some kind of misunderstanding, but if something is bothering you, he is there to talk it through. He doesn’t allow the things you say to go in one ear and out the other, he wants to know what is on your mind.

5. He doesn’t hide things from you.

If he loves you he isn’t going to hide things from you. He is going to be open and honest right off the bat. You won’t have to question him, ever. You will know that when he is telling you something, he is telling you the truth and not withholding information.

6. He makes you feel important.

If he really feels like you’re important to him he will make sure you know it. He won’t make you feel worthless or talk down to you. He will build you up so that you can see yourself the way he sees you.

7. He is someone that you feel you can be yourself with.

While things might be a little off at first once you’re comfortable with one another you feel like you can be yourself with him. He makes you feel free to express yourself without the worry of being judged. No matter what you feel like you’ve got someone who is able to truly understand you and that is truly amazing.