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While it might sound a bit harsh, I’m done fighting so hard to make you want to be here in this life we have built. If you don’t want to be here, then go.

You might expect me to cling to you and beg you to stick around but that’s not something I’m willing to do nor is it something you deserve. Life isn’t easy and neither is love. We are bound to face more ups and downs than we already have and if you cannot handle that you know where the door is.

I know, this might sound harsh but if you want to be here you will be here, period. Things are not always clean cut but that is one thing I know deeply. We as humans try so hard to make people stick around who have already seemingly moved on and it only causes more pain than it’s worth in the end. Life is short and we need to make the most out of it, waiting for someone who isn’t coming back is not making the most of anything.

A relationship is not something that only one person can maintain. It takes two to make things work and you checked out a long time ago, that I’ve known for a while but didn’t want to admit to myself. Now, after really thinking things through I see that I am ready to be on my own. I don’t want to be with someone who does not want to be with me, so I am not going to cry at your feet hoping it will make you stay.

I may want you but I don’t need you to keep moving on with my life. Tomorrow will come and I will grow stronger as time passes. Yes, I will hurt for a long time and that pain will grow for a while before I am able to heal properly but I can do this. I can find myself again and figure out what kind of person I am without you in my life.

What’s the point in fighting for you if you won’t fight for me? Things just weren’t meant to be and that’s fine. You will find someone that you feel like you can open up to and in time perhaps I will as well. I know you might feel bad for this but it’s not your fault, we just didn’t click or perhaps we lost something that we once had. These kinds of things happen, it’s all a part of life.

I can’t say that I hate you because I know I never could. You don’t deserve to be hated, you just need to grow in your own ways and I won’t hold that against you. I know my worth and I know that someday I will find someone who also sees that in me.

Maybe in the future, someone will come into my life that offers to me all that you refused to. You made mistakes and sure, I did too but things just played out as they were supposed to. Everything that happens in this world happens for a reason, doesn’t it?

There may be moments where I want you back and I might even send you a text here and there to check in but I will eventually get over you entirely. Someday you won’t be on my mind like you are today and well, I don’t regret meeting you. We still shared some special moments and learned things from one another.

I wasn’t your priority but someday I will be someone’s priority. Heartache doesn’t last forever and well, I wish you well. Sorry, I’m not your damsel in distress waiting to be rescued and I’m not going to revel in the regret that maybe I’d done something wrong, I know I did all I could and I know that you were not meant for me at the end of it all.