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Hummingbirds are some of the most unique and beautiful creatures on this planet. While they are tiny they hold so much meaning for all of us and bring forth a lot of energy when we are in their presence. 

Hummingbirds traditionally are symbolic of a lot of things. According to, they remind us that it is time for us to pursue our dreams on a more real level. They when presenting themselves as our spirit or totem animals are also big-time messengers of hope as well as means of reminding us that we need to find things in our lives that inspire us.

When we see hummingbirds we are being reminded that we too need to be willing to adapt to the change of pace this world brings forth our way. We have to look back on the mistakes we’ve made and walk away from them, moving forth into the things this world has in store for us. Our guardian angels will sometimes send hummingbirds our way so that we can be reminded not to allow the same mistakes we have before repeat themselves.

Those who have the hummingbird as their spirit animals are usually much more upbeat and aggressive in their moving forward as life progresses. They appreciate the small things and are also working to learn all they can so that the life they build for themselves is as it should be. These tiny creatures for all of us should serve as a marking spot for slowing down and appreciating the present moment as we work to achieve all we can in this world. 

In regards to the hummingbird and the symbolic meaning it holds in all of our lives What Is My Spirit Animal wrote as follows on their website:

Besides what seems to be miraculous for such a tiny creature, Hummingbirds can stop immediately even when at full diving speeds of 60 mph, they can fly up, down, backward and forward and when hovering their lovely wings make the sign of infinity. With this in mind, hummingbirds may represent our ability to “Keep on, keepin’ on” even when it seems impossible. Additionally, the figure-eight pattern while hovering bears another message about not stagnating in one moment in space and time – embrace your life lessons then look to the future.

The hovering movement of Hummingbird is a potent message about being in the moment and enjoying life’s nectar. Many Shamans felt Hummingbird carried the natural healing powers of the herbs and flowers from which they ate. Those with Hummingbird medicine bring love and joy on their wings along with a sprinkling of magic!

Hummingbirds wing vibrations since with happy energies. It’s hard to be sad or worried when Hummingbird spirit soars close by. The rainbow hues in Hummingbird feathers further this symbolism and represent renewed hope.

How often do you see these magical little creatures? Do you ever stop to consider what message they could be holding for you? I for one love every chance I get to view these beautiful animals in their natural habitats.