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The average American spends around 7 hours each day on the internet, whether it be for work or for pleasure. While that may seem innocent enough (I mean, hey everyone is doing it, right?) a recent study found that if we continue going down this road, we could ultimately change humankind forever.

Humans have been evolving since the beginning of time. Things like blue eyes, high-altitude breathing, and our ability to tolerate lactose are all proof of our evolution. And while much of our evolution has been to our benefit-we can also adapt in ways that aren’t quite as appealing.

With such a high prevalence of internet and technology use, it got researchers thinking about the physical and mental changes technology could have on humanity. What they found was horrific. In order to do this, they developed a 3D model named ‘Mindy.” According to them, spending hours at a desk, staring at our phones, and playing video games will result in a changed posture over time.


“Spending hours looking down at your phone strains your neck and throws your spine off balance. Consequently, the muscles in your neck have to expend extra effort to support your head. Sitting in front of the computer at the office for hours on end also means that your torso is pulled out in front of your hips rather than being stacked straight and aligned,” explained Caleb Backe, a wellness expert that spoke with the researchers.

Of the changes observed in Mindy, the text claw depicts how our hands will take shape over time to accommodate our smart phones. Additionally, we get to look forward to having our elbows bent at a 90-degree angle.

“The way we hold our phones can cause strain in certain points of contact – causing ‘text claw’ and ’90-degree elbow’ also known as the cubital tunnel syndrome,” says Dr. Nikola Djordjevic from Med Alert Help. “This syndrome is caused by pressure or the stretching of the ulnar nerve, which runs in a groove on the inner side of the elbow. This causes numbness or a tingling sensation in the ring and little fingers, forearm pain, and weakness in the hands – keeping the elbow bent for a long time.”

Perhaps the most disturbing of all the evolutionary changes in Mindy was the second eyelid, which would be the result of our body attempting to protect itself from too much blue light. Bluelight not only disrupts our sleep, but also causes a slew of other health problems.

While technology has immense benefits, I think we all know deep down how dangerous it is. Since the expansion of technology that began with the internet, and has now evolved into social media and smartphones, we have seen suicide rates skyrocket among young children. People are more sedentary than ever, and as a result, more obese. With the passing of each day, we are learning that too much technology has far more harm than benefits.

“Technology gives us so much. Convenience, connectivity, entertainment, and so much more – but there is a trade-off. Overexposure to technology can sometimes come to the detriment of our health, and Mindy is our visual representation of a growing body of scientific research,” says Jason O’Brien, COO of TollFreeForwarding, the company which carried out the study. “While the benefits of technology to individuals and businesses are too great to ignore, it’s worth evaluating your usage to ensure your health isn’t being damaged in the long-term.”