We all have our own energy fields and whether you refer to yours as your aura, life field, or something else isn’t going to change what it is on a core level. The more aware we are of our energy fields the better we can work to understand ourselves.

Our auras or energy fields are usually something consisting of our magnetic fields this being something that many people claim can interfere with electronic devices on some levels. While there is not much proof in the world of research stemming from this kind of thing, it is something people continue to claim is affecting them and as time passes perhaps we will be able to better understand it. The more stressed or in distress you are as a person the more your aura will be able to affect the world around you, that is something you should keep in mind even if just on a spiritual level.

Regarding the aura Conscious Lifestyle Magazine wrote as follows on their website:

Science has been actively involved in penetrating the mystery of the aura since the early 1800s. During that time period, Belgian mystic and physician Jan Baptist van Helmont visualized it as a universal fluid that permeates everything. The idea of the aura acting like a fluid—or flowing—as well as being permeable has remained consistent throughout history. Franz Mesmer, for whom the term “mesmerism” was coined, suggested that both animate and inanimate objects were charged with a fluid, which he perceived as magnetic, through which material bodies could exert influence over each other, even at a distance. Baron Wilhelm von Reichenbach discovered several properties unique to this human energy field, which he called the odic force, and would later be ascribed to the subtle body.

He determined that it shared similar properties to the electromagnetic field, which had previously been investigated by James Clerk Maxwell, one of the fathers of electricity. The odic human energy field was composed of polarities or opposites, as is the electromagnetic field. In electromagnetism, however, opposites attract. Not so in the odic field, where like attracts like.

Reichenbach also found that the human energy field related to different colors and that it could not only carry a charge but also flow around objects. He described the field on the left side of the body as a negative pole and the right side as a positive pole, similar to the ideas of Chinese medicine.

These and other theories have revealed the aura to have a fluid or flowing state; to be comprised of different colors, therefore frequencies; to be permeable and penetrable; and to be magnetic in nature, although it also has electromagnetic properties.

Other research has underscored these subtle body theories and expanded one additional element of the auric human energy field: its connection to the inner sanctum of the human being.

For example, in 1911 Dr. Walter Kilner examined the aura with colored filters and a special kind of coal tar. He discovered three zones: a dark layer next to the skin, a more ethereal layer flowing at a perpendicular angle to the body, and a delicate exterior with contours about six inches across. Most importantly, the conditions of this “aura,” as he called it, shifted in reaction to a subject’s state of mind and health. In the early part of the 1900s, Dr. Wilhelm Reich furthered our knowledge of the human energy field and its qualities through experiments studying universal energy that he named “orgone.”

Human energy fields are something full of mystery and yet also power at the same time. Many claim our energy fields consist of several layers and that each of those layers holds different purposes but this may vary depending on who you’re asking. The Metaphysical Institute even goes so far as to note that diseases, illnesses, and other issues can come forth because of disturbances within our energy fields. The more we work with our auras to protect and keep them as they should be the better we’re going to feel and the less we’re going to notice any kind of serious disturbances.

The Metaphysical Institute wrote as follows touching on the topic of strength within the aura:

Each person’s Aura vibrates within their own frequency at different levels of strength and intensity. Because the Aura constantly gives off and absorbs energy, it can also be affected and reacts to other energies and frequencies. Such as another person’s Aura, where exchanges of energy take place all day, with everyone you meet. It is important to understand these effects and awareness. When you meet others who have drifted away from alignment with God and you are unaware of this, you may have odd thoughts or feelings that you’re not sure why or where they come from, or you could even feel irritated or frustrated for no apparent reason. Awareness or not your natural instinct will lead you to trust and follow those who are more aligned to God. Disturbances that come from external sources and not from within have nothing to do with you at all but simply may have everything to do with the energy you have accumulated and absorbed from other sources. However, these disturbances may lead to emotional and physical health problems if not corrected or restored. Many things can upset the delicate balance of your many Energy Structures.

Some of the important causes of major disturbances are what I call External Negative Emotional Energy this can come about because we are all connected through Life Energy Fields. So if a large number of people experience the same negative emotion, this can affect most of the people in that area, or country and can spread around the world. E.g.. If there is a major Earth Quake the fear and other emotions of large numbers of people can create a large amount of negative energy that disturbs the Auras of about 80% of people where this negative energy exists. This is one of the triggers for epidemics e.g.. Flu, war, and conflicts, increases in crime and even road rage, etc.

The more you neglect your energy field by ignoring its presence and refusing to repair it through meditation, the more you will notice smaller things messing up or bad things happening in your life. Taking just a little time each day to repair yourself and your aura as a whole can really benefit you drastically. As stress builds within the body it has no choice but to move outward into your aura and from there, things become quite complicated. To learn more about all of this please check out the video below.

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