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On March 18, we are going to encounter the last full moon of Winter. And this isn’t just any moon, it’s the full worm moon.

Every 28 days, the moon goes from new to full, signaling a complete cycle. When the moon reaches its fullest point, it is considered a time of culmination and manifestation. With Virgo’s added energy, it’s a great time to work towards your life goals and strategize to get there with ease.

Another wonderful aspect of this time is that this full moon is coinciding with the beginning of spring, which is why it’s called the worm moon. It’s important to also be mindful of life that is re-emerging and considers what patterns and behaviors in your life should re-emerge, and which ones you are ready to let go of.

Depending on your zodiac sign, this energy will play a unique role in your life. Here is how it will affect each sign of the zodiac.


You tend to be pretty headstrong about things, and when you set your mind on something everything falls back, including your self-care. During this time, you are being pushed to focus on your wellness habits, whether you like them or not. And it’s better to take advantage of this than it is to burn out.


As stubborn as you are, you can put up major mental blocks between you and the world around you. Unfortunately, because of this, you limit your ability. Use this time to re-evaluate the limitations you are setting for yourself, otherwise, you might grow stagnant.


Right now is the perfect time to revamp and start fresh. Take some time to spring-clean, and clear out clutter from your life, both literally and figuratively.


This full moon will have you feeling like a social butterfly. Since you’ve been retreating to your shell a lot as of recently, it’s time to get out and have some fun. Just be sure not to overextend yourself.


The light is shining on your financial life right now, and it’s time to re-evaluate what is going out and what is going in. Even if things are going smoothly, if you take some time to look into how you can improve this area of your life right now, you will be happy you did.


It’s your full moon Virgo, so this energy is your vibe. Take advantage of this and venture out of your comfort zone. Hang out with some old and new friends. Try something new for your career path and spend some time with yourself.


You’ve been pretty busy as of late. Now, it’s time to slow down and reflect. So, don’t shy away from taking some time to yourself or with your favorite people to rest your mind and recharge.


During this full moon, you will feel the need to question your social group. Are the people that you consider your friends truly aligned with your vision for your life, or are they holding you back? Make sure to surround yourself with people who share your vision.


Your career is at the forefront of your vision, leading you to examine where you are going and re-evaluate where you’ve been. Be sure to think things through before making any quick decisions, otherwise, you may end up allowing impulsivity to wreck your plans.


Lately, you’ve been letting the little things get to you a bit too much. Now, it’s time to regroup and simmer down. Readjust your perspective, change up your routine and spend some time outside of the norm for you.


Right now, there are a few different important planets that are hanging out in your sign, making this a great time to manifest. First, look within and spend some time in contemplation. It’s likely inspiration will come quickly during this time.


It’s Pisces season- and this full moon is going to have you in your feelings, as its major focus will push you to look at your relationships. If you are in a toxic relationship, it’s time to let go. If you’ve been waiting on Mr. Right to come knocking at your door, it’s time to go seek him out. Whatever is holding you back in your relationships, it’s time to find a way through, and this full moon is a perfect time.