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We all have intuitive sides locked within our own minds but not everyone’s intuition works in the same way as yours might. When it comes to this kind of thing, looking to the stars can provide you with a good sense of understanding. 

Some people are more intuitive than others, but we all have intuitive sides within that want to be heard. If you’re struggling to face yours and really hear it out, then you might also be putting yourself in some sticky situations. Your intuition is something that relies big time on the powers your sign provides you with to get messages forth in your life. If you want to truly make the most of this side of yourself you need to work to see just what it is doing in your life. 

Below I am going to go over each zodiac sign and how their intuitive sides present themselves more often than not. If you’re being sent a feeling but you normally ignore feelings that could be a big issue for you. Perhaps you’re setting yourself up to fail without even realizing it.


Your intuitive side often speaks to you in ways that may seem like well-placed coincidences. You might lose your keys for a moment only to find that you just missed a serious wreck on your way to work. Things like this happen because the universe is working to keep you safe as you move forth in life. 


Your intuitive side is much more energetic than most. You feel when something is off and it is a feeling that you cannot shake. If you find yourself in a place that makes you feel uneasy, you have to remove yourself otherwise it will only continue to get worse.


Your intuitive side speaks to you in the sense that it tends to show you exactly what you need to see in others upon meeting them. This is what you base everything on and can make or break a connection before anything has even started. If someone intends to do you harm, you pick up on it right away.


When your intuitive side is making itself known it is more-so a gut feeling. You feel sick inside and as if something is seriously wrong. While you do not often follow your intuition, it does present itself quite frequently. Your intuitive side tries to warn you of the people around you who intend to do you harm but because you rarely listen, it is nowhere near as strong as it should be in regards.


Your intuitive side is one that most people fail to understand. It works more-so like a natural instinct than a voice inside your own mind. You are more in tune with the world around you and when a threat is near, you pick up on it quickly. For instance, if someone is pulling a nasty prank on you, you see the inner workings of it as it is unfolding and are usually able to stop it in its tracks.


Your intuitive side is something that cannot be ignored. You never miss anything and are always keeping a close eye on everything that is happening around you. Even the smallest things are usually easy for you to pick up on.


Your intuitive side is more-so a sense of self-awareness. You are able to feel whether something is going to affect you in a positive or negative way. Because you can see things from all perspectives, you can figure out what is on a person’s mind relatively quick.


Your intuitive side is always on edge and sometimes can be a bit over the top if you feed into it too much. You are a naturally distrusting person and this holds you back. While your intuition is good at letting you know when someone needs to go, you also need to remember that just because it comes in the form of a feeling does not mean it is your intuition speaking.


Your intuitive side is one that holds great abilities. You are able to tap into parts of awareness that not everyone is capable of. Your intuition is more-so a feeling you get when you’re not welcome versus a vibe you face around certain people. Places seem to set you off more than anything else and the more you can gain in a place the more positive you will feel through being near it.


Your intuitive side is one that can detect lots of things other people are unable to find. You tend to notice a lot of repeating numbers and work heavily through energies. You can feel the energy of a room before you even enter it.


Your intuitive side is one that tends to pick up on toxic behaviors quickly. When someone is doing something they shouldn’t be doing, you will notice it without much effort. It will be quite clear and how you face it will also be quite apparent as cutting ties is your forte.


Your intuitive side is just as creative as you are. It goes with the flow but makes sure to speak to you when you need it the most. While it will hold back in many situations if you’re in real danger, it comes full force at the back of your mind.