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We all have our own auras and those auras affect us as well as the world around us. While it might sound a bit odd, just because you cannot see it does not mean it is not present and making a difference in the lives around you. 

Now, for those who might somehow not be aware your aura is the field of energy that surrounds your body. It is a representation of your life force and your spiritual capabilities. The more tuned into the right things you are the stronger your aura will become. Some people have different colored auras and some people have auras that are either very strong or very weak. 

While overall most of us cannot see auras, we do know they are there. We can feel them and well, their presence is not something we should ignore. Your aura and how it is working affects you and others. If your aura is weak and waning you may find that it’s hard to be positive and move forward.

Everything of this world is energy at its core and as a result, we should all appreciate the power energies can have. We are constantly taking in things from around us and if we’re spending a lot of time with someone who has an aura tainted with toxicity, we may end up feeling quite down in the dumps. Have you ever been around someone who gave you bad vibes? That in itself has a lot to do with their aura. 

Some people have warm and inviting auras while others have dark and painful auras. The way you feel about someone upon meeting or coming across them should tell you a lot about what condition their aura is in. This in itself does explain a lot in the world of why we choose to have nothing to do with certain people even if we don’t necessarily know much about them at all. 

Auras also come in all different colors and while some of those colors are in need of more healing than others none of them are necessarily bad. They are just things we need to be cautious with. If you want to learn more about all of this I suggest really diving into the world of Dr. Konstantin Korotkov’s work. He managed to create a device that measures bio-energies and through his work he has managed to capture photographs of people’s auras. 

To dive into some of his work take a look at the video below. The aura can if as it should be lift others up but if you’re struggling a lot and allowing your aura to become tainted it can bring others down. Know where you are in your own life and from there try to radiate the things that will do no more than help others as a whole.