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When it comes to our own emotions we all deal with them in our own ways. Some people are quick to speak out about how they’re feeling and others are not.

When you are angry how do you deal with that anger? Do you hold it in or let it out? Are you giving people the silent treatment or going out of your way to make them feel bad? While it might not seem like much, it’s important to look at these kinds of things from time to time so that you can better get to know your true self.

Your temper or lack of temper could seriously be damaging the relationships you have with the people around you. Those who care the most about you might not say anything for a while but once they’ve had enough you’ll become quite aware. In learning to handle your anger properly you are working to promote positive connections in your life.

Before taking a look below think over yourself and how you face your negative emotions. After doing-so pick one that seems to fit you best and from there work to change it. While it might not seem like much getting to know yourself better allows you to move forward properly.

How Do You Address Your Anger?

1. Silent Treatment

If you are the kind of person to instantly ghost the people around you when you’re mad then you’re damaging your relationships big time. These people do not understand what is going on, and you’re leaving them stressed and unsure of how to fix the problem. While it might seem like the best thing in your mind, it’s anything but.

2. Ignoring The Problem

Ignoring the problem and simply being mad isn’t doing you any good. When you’re mad you need to address the issue at hand and then fix it. If you never do this that anger will never truly be able to go away. It’s like swimming in a pool that has no water in it.

3. Lashing Out

Lashing out is something a lot of people do but no one should do. When we lash out we do-so without aim and heavily lacking remorse. You will say things you do not mean and hurt people you care a lot for. This is never a good idea.

4. Bottling Emotions

While bottling your emotions might seem like the best idea, it isn’t. In doing this you are hurting yourself and leaving everyone confused. You are supposed to feel things and there is nothing wrong with showing your anger from time to time. Being true to who you are is important in moving forward.

5. Confusing It For Something Else

While it might not be something you are comfortable with, anger is anger. Trying to make it into something it isn’t is never a good idea. If you need to sit down and really come to terms with what you’re going through, do it. Working through things in your own mind is always a very crucial part to growing up and becoming more of who you are meant to be.

6. Communicating Properly

Sadly most people are unable to keep this one down properly. If you are the kind of person who instead of freaking out takes a minute to cool off and then talks things through with those around him/her, you have your head on straight. While it can be a bit hard to do at times, it always makes things so much easier in the long-run.