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Venus is going to be going retrograde on October 5th in Scorpio. This is going to mean a lot of different things for each of the zodiac signs.

For those who might not know, Venus is the planet of love. It is one that represents the areas of both love and money within our lives. When Venus is moving properly things are flowing as they should be, but when Venus is spinning backward everything is out of whack. While you might be feeling out of whack, it will not last forever. Take a peek below to see what this retrograde might have in store for your zodiac sign.


Venus retrograde is going to force you to work through any relationship issues you’ve been having. While you normally try to ignore these kinds of things and throw yourself into the world of work, that is not possible during the Venus retrograde. The problems you’re facing will be weighing heavily on your heart. Get things situated and move forward in a positive light.


Venus retrograde is going to bring a lot of positivity to your life. While you are going to be feeling very nervous and stressed, your financial issues are about to be resolved in some way. This sign is very sensitive when it comes to Venus retrograde and the more you let it work for you the better.


Venus retrograde is going to bring you to a point in your life where you are stressed about everything. You will be working on your personal image and trying to make improvements. While you should enjoy this while you can, you should not get too ahead of yourself. Take your time and make sure you are comfortable with where things are going.


Venus retrograde is going to bring someone into your life that you have not seen or heard from in a long time. You are going to be digging through some serious emotional problems, but working them out will benefit you and the other people involved. Try your best to see things from an outside perspective. Things are not always what they seem and you need to remember that.


Venus retrograde is going to have you feeling as if you are longing for something you cannot quite put your finger on. You are going to be confused for a good while but things will begin to make sense the longer this retrograde goes on. Revisit your passions during this time and don’t hesitate to slow down. If you are in a relationship, please try not to do anything you will regret later.


Venus retrograde is going to have you feeling pretty jealous of some of the people you care for the most. It is going to have you rethinking your commitments and appreciating things that really matter. You are going to be coming out of your creative shell and really moving forward in your work life.


Venus retrograde is going to bring you a lot of success. You are going to be taking care of others in your life and finding financial stability. Sure, some of the tasks before you will be frustrating, but you will get through them without much issue.


Venus retrograde is going to help you to experience love on a deeper level. While you are worried and concerned about things to come chasing your dreams is going to benefit you. This retrograde is all about improving your life and really learning how to trust. Don’t allow the people that keep hurting you time and time again stick around, they aren’t doing you any good.


Venus retrograde is going to bring you a lot of opportunities. You are going to be given the chance to resolve any issues you’ve been having in your relationship or in the friendships closest to you. If you are single, you could find someone new during this time if you are open to it. That being said, don’t fall for those who come off as too charming.


Venus retrograde is going to have you breaking down the walls you normally hide behind. It is going to take you down a path you otherwise would not travel. You will begin appreciating other people in ways you haven’t before and it might come across as terrifying. Do not let these restless energies get the best of you.


Venus retrograde is going to throw you into your work life. It is going to help you get a lot done and you might come out of this having finally reached something that you’ve been working hard on for months. During this time, don’t feel bad about taking a break or giving yourself a moment to breathe, we all get overwhelmed from time to time.


Venus retrograde is going to bring you to a spiritual point in your life and you are going to be feeling very trapped in the world that we all call home. As someone that loves to be creative and open, you need to take some time to rethink why you are where you are. Perhaps taking a trip will help you work through things properly.

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