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We all love wearing rings be it all the time or on certain occasions. That being said, most of us do not realize the power behind this act or the things that can be brought forth as a result.

Wearing rings for some might be all about style but there is more to it than that. To begin with, wearing rings is a much more spiritual ordeal than most want to accept. Each finger when wearing a ring is capable of calling on the powers of a specific planet and the God or Goddess that is known to rule over that planet. Below I will break down which fingers line up with which planets.

Now, with the right hand, we are supposed to work through it to help give energy to the world around us and really share with others while for the left it is the opposite. According to, the left hand is the hand with which we receive energies. It is the hand of creativity and thinking.

The fingers and associated energies can be broken down as follows:

Pinky Finger – Mercury

Ring Finger – The Sun/Apollo

Middle Finger – Saturn

Index Finger – Jupiter

Thumb – Personal Will

Now, depending on what you’re wanting to bring forth in your life, choosing which finger to wear your rings on might come in handy. For instance, if you’re wanting to work on your communication skills or confidence overall you may want to be wearing a ring on your index finger. Your left index finger, to be exact. When it comes to enhancing your life, you need to know what planet and God or Goddess you need to call on to accomplish what it is you see fit.

It should also be noted that certain stones fit well with specific energies. For instance, if you’re working with Apollo/The Sun to do something like bring more creativity forth or help you work on expressing yourself you may want to wear a ring with something like rose quartz or jade in it. I know, this might sound a bit odd but this kind of thing can make a big difference in moving forth. wrote as follows on this topic to further explain the wearing of rings:

When wearing a ring, be sure the bottom side of the stone is open to allow greater connection between the stone and your skin. On your left hand, wear ring gems that awaken and release emotions, and on your right hand, wear stones that will enhance your career and your personal goals in life. I know that thumb rings have become a big trend, but you should know that wearing them could block the energy of the thumbs or, even worse, bring out egotism and selfishness.

Your index fingers are indicators of achievement, and wearing the proper gem on that finger can really aid you in striving for your dreams. For wisdom, wear lapis lazuli. For greater love of yourself and others, try pearl, moonstone, or garnet. For success, wear a carnelian. For a quiet mind and greater calm, wear sodalite chrysocolla, or turquoise.

Your middle fingers are about ideas and insight as well as intuition; the left hand represents the receiving of ideas, and the right hand represents action and achievement in your life. Wear stones on the middle finger only when you want to get a lot of psychic input from the world around you. For greater sensitivity and creativity, wear amethyst. To awaken your inner and outer beauty, wear ruby. To access your higher good and know your life purpose, wear sapphire or quartz crystal.

The ring finger is about creativity, and, of course, the ring finger on the left hand is your love center and a direct connection to your heart. For deep and loyalties of love, wear a diamond. To express your love, wear moonstone. To inspire creativity, wear emerald. To meet creativity goals, wear a tiger’s-eye or cat’s-eye. For practicality in your work and art, wear turquoise. For service to your community and the world, wear opal. For serenity both within and without, wear ruby.

Pinkie fingers represent change. The right gem on your little finger can help you find and pursue new opportunities and change the direction of your whole life. This is a lot of power in one little ring! For better organizational habits, wear pearls. For unwinding and simplifying, wear turquoise. To bring new energy and new prospects, wear aventurine.

While your average person will just stick any ole ring on whatever finger it fits, that should not always be the case. We should be aware of the powers we are calling on. Perhaps looking into things before shoving a ring on your finger might be a good idea, where you place it might be more important than you think.