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If you’re here in the US chances are you’re already aware you’re not going to be able to see the annular solar eclipse that is coming up on the 21st of this month (June). While that is kind of sad, don’t let it upset you too bad as you can still see the event itself online.

This ring of fire will be visible from places in Asia, India, and Africa but sadly for us, won’t be crossing paths with everyone which leaves many of us to opt for live streams of the event or even videos of its occurrence after all is said and done. While it’s not the same as watching in person, live streams and things of the sort are still quite mesmerizing as well. 

If you want to still see this event you can opt to watch the Slooh Webcast stream of it during the event or even after if you don’t have time to view during the event itself. Slooh for those who do not know is an Astronomical Broadcast Service and those working behind it will be hosting a stream of it as it is underway. At the time of writing this, the stream is roughly 31 hours away, but I am sure it’s much closer now depending on when you’re reading this.

In order to watch this stream, you can come back here and tune in to the video below or you can go directly to Slooh’s Youtube page and find it there. It is set to begin at 1:00 AM EDT and will be quite the treat for us all. I for one will be tuning in myself, that’s for sure.

That having been said, if Slooh isn’t for you then you can also click here during the event to view from the Virtual Telescope Project as they will also be documenting this event. This event has been touted as quite the sight and well, missing it isn’t something many of us are interested in. Sure, it might not sound like much but seeing the moon move in front of the sun in such a manner will be like nothing I personally have ever seen. 

The more you look online the more different sources you will likely find for viewing this event. Time and Date will be streaming it and even once all is said and done tons of videos will likely be circulating online. The internet these days really does keep us more connected than ever. 

If you are somewhere in the path of this celestial event please do remember your eye protection if you intend to view. I cannot stress how important it is to protect your eyes when looking at the sun even if it is covered mostly by the moon. To learn more about this eclipse and what makes it special take a look at the videos below.