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While we tend to focus on the bad, there is actually an upside to the Mercury retrograde. When we think of this time, we often think of miscommunication, things going awry, and electronics failing, however, the bare truth of it all, is that the retrograde is actually a good thing.

As you shake your head at me, think of it this way: Mercury is the trickster of the zodiac. Oftentimes, we focus on the worst. Stop focusing on the bad. Yes, you said the thing you shouldn’t have. And maybe your ex popped up out of nowhere. But what does this lesson teach you.

Take the time to realize that you are your own boss. Start teaching yourself about courage and light. Realize that if you said something impulsive to a toxic friend, perhaps it was time. With that being said, don’t use this time to say or spew hatred to the ones you love the most. Instead, try to spin things in a positive manner.

Don’t put people down- this only highlights your weakness and your dark side. Mercury retrograde is coming, and it’s high time we stop pitting ourselves as the victim in this life. We should focus on the things we can do. What can we change? What plans are to be put to action?

It may sound simple, but Mercury calls us to express ourselves. As daunting as that sounds, until we do this, we will never be happy. Show courage and your ability to show authority without hurting another. Learn to use your strength. But remember to not harm others with your words.

Mercury’s retrograde will give way to impulsive words and action but now is not the time for those.

Now, is the time for control. Learning to control yourself, to observe the self and to move with our energies instead of against them is the lesson to be learned. If you have already spoken in a harmful way to another, now is the time to gain control. Apologize, and make things right. Learn from yourself and move forward. Mercury has so much to show you, are you listening?