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As we enter the Mercury retrograde, yet again, many of us may be wondering how we will ever survive another one. And while it won’t be easy, there are a number of ways to turn the chaotic energy of the Mercury retrograde into something beneficial.

With that being said, if you are unsure of the effects of this retrograde, you must first understand that Mercury rules over communication. When it begins spinning backward, it can wreak havoc on our communication skills, our planning abilities, and more. Some have even linked the strange events to computers and other electronics encountering issues.

Try these tips to move through the retrograde rather than against it.

1. Take time to finish projects.

Instead of fighting against the retrograde, and taking on more than you can handle by beginning new major tasks, finish projects started before the retrograde.

2. Understand the delays involved.

During the retrograde, you may encounter delayed appointments and electrical issues with technology at work. With that being said, if you understand this is a possibility, it may make it easier to deal with.

3. Don’t make critical decisions if you can help it, and if you can’t, be wary.

During the retrograde, you may experience some mental slowness. Because of this, be careful making decisions that are imperative.

4. Reach out to old friends.

While this often happens without encouragement during the retrograde, it’s one of the major high points of this time. If someone is on your mind, let them know. But, don’t, DO NOT, reach out to your exes!

5. DON’T break up with your partner!

Unless your partner is bleeding with toxicity and truly deserves it, and you know without a shadow of a doubt it’s over, be careful of the urge to leave them behind. While it may sound like the right thing to do at the time, think it over carefully!

6. Don’t impulsively lash out.

Part of miscommunication is lashing out at those you love. Be gentle with the ones you love and even with yourself.

7. Focus on self-care.

Take time to truly hone in on a self-care ritual. If you don’t schedule in acts of self-care on the regular, what better time is there than now?