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While a lot of people don’t stop to think about it, there are lots of different relationships we find in this world. Some of those relationships are lasting and others are not but why?

Well, to be completely honest there is no easy answer when it comes to ‘why’ a relationship doesn’t work out. A lot of things come into play when trying to figure these things out, but when you’re trying to address why one does work out things become a lot simpler. When a relationship works in ways that make it seem like a perfect connection you should consider whether you are face to face with a true karmic relationship. Karmic relationships, for those who do not know, are relationships between us and people that relate directly to our past lives. These are people we have strong connections with and everything comes naturally when we’re together.

These relationships can grow a love like no other and are a representation of your soul group. This is a person who has traveled from one life to another with you and somehow managed to connect time and time again. These relationships show us what we need and help us to grow through the hardest parts of our lives. While not all last forever, their impact does not fade.

Michele Knight wrote as follows in regards on her website:

When you meet someone you have a karmic connection with, a spark of recognition ignites in your soul. You’ll feel a haunting familiarity, a sense of having come home, a longing for something not quite remembered.

You might recognize their face, name or the sound of their voice, or you may intuitively know you have met before. If this person is a potential lover, these feelings are magnified, giving the whole relationship a compulsive, alluring intensity. You’ll feel a connection that goes way beyond what you actually say and do together. Something profound appears to be bubbling away under the surface.

Below I am going to go over some of the signs that indicate what you are facing is a karmic relationship. While not all of these signs will be easy to deal with, they will all work in wondrous ways. How connected are you?

Repeating Patterns Eternally

Karmic relationships tend to come with lots of repeating patterns. They are very on and off relationships. While it might be perfect something doesn’t always feel right, you just don’t know how to break that cycle and because of this a lot of different things come into play when deciding if you’re supposed to be together or not.

You will feel as if you cannot live without this person and as if you are meant to be together no matter what you both face. Regardless of the number of times you try, you still continue to do-so. You see, karmic relationships are very hard and while they feel great they are still quite damning in a lot of ways.

The Attraction Was Immediate

When you found this person you were not even for a moment unattracted or in question. You clicked faster than you have ever clicked with anyone else and it swept you off of your feet. While you might not necessarily call it ‘love at first signs’ there was something there that cannot be denied. This is a huge red flag that you won’t be able to deny.

They Create Dependency

While it might not seem like a bad thing at first this kind of connection brings forth a lot of dependence. You and your partner become very invested in one another to an extreme extent. Both of you will end up feeling as if no one has real control over the relationship and as if everyone is far too invested in one another.

To learn more about karmic relationships and truly determine if you are in one please check out the video below. While they are great and can be positive a lot of the time these kinds of relationships are too much for us and bring out the worst in our souls. While you are going to want to try regardless, please be as aware as possible.